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Mandriva launches Corporate Server 4.0 in beta test

18. mayo 2006:

Paris, May 18thMandriva has initiated a beta test program that will allow its clients and partners to actively contribute to the elaboration of the Corporate Server 4.0 in order to adapt the product to their needs and wills. This program will not only lengthen the quality testing process but will also permit the integration of participants' comments and questions.

The December special release for Mandriva Club members is now available! (¡Bienvenido a la página del Club de los usuarios de Mandriva Linux!)

29. diciembre 2005:

The special release named "Mandriva-2006-december-club" is now available via Bittorrent and HTTP as well as FTP mirrors on request. It is a 32-bit release which consists of 6 CDs.
The new "Mandriva-2006-december-club" version is based on the 2006 edition which has been enjoying excellent feedback from users. It is only available for Club members, and you will not find it on the Mandriva Store or in another channel.
Since all the 2006 security updates and bug fixes are included, there's no need to reinstall them afterwards. The updated X.org graphics server corrects most of the known issues in Mandriva 2006.
With this exclusive release, you will enjoy a special new Mandriva Club Winter theme, the latest GNOME 2.12 and the final version of OpenOffice.org 2.0!
The 6-CD set contains more than 4300 packages including all the third-party commercial drivers and plugins.
Here are a few screenshots of the "Mandriva-2006-december-club" version:
To get "Mandriva-2006-december-club" - among other benefits - you have to be member of the Mandriva Club. Mandriva Club subscriptions start at 11 euros / 12 USD per month.
Join the club and download now !

Mandriva Club Overwhelmed, Three Months Free Subscription Offer Extended!

22. diciembre 2005:

The Mandriva Club has been overwhelmed with inquiries from existing Members as to whether the "Three Months Free Subscription to the Mandriva Club" offer was also applicable to renewals and upgrades for existing subscribers. Mandriva would like to confirm that this special offer is available to all Club members who want to renew or upgrade their Club membership level, as well as to those who would like to join the Club for the first time. In order not to deprive these members of this valuable opportunity, we have decided to extend this exceptional offer for "Three Months Free Subscription" (25% discount) until Wednesday, december 28th.
For information about all the advantages of Club membership see:

If you are already a member of the Club, this is an opportunity for you to renew your membership and receive three months free:

If you are not a member of the Club click here:

To benefit from the special discount please enter the following promotion code while subscribing: "PCS-CLUBS1205", available for the Yearly payment.

Mandriva Linux 2006 Worldwide Install Party ()

21. octubre 2005:

To celebrate the advent of Mandriva Linux 2006, Mandriva has been organizing a worldwide (Europe, Asia, US...) install party scheduled for November 19th. If you are interested in organizing this event with us, in your country or city, please send us an email: installparty2006 at mandriva.com.

The requirements:

  • Ability to offer a location with a capacity of 20 people approximately

  • Availability of computers

  • A minimum of people to contact

Mandriva will provide the rest: products, downloads, resale (if you are reseller...), goodies, personalized invitations...

Mandriva Club members meet Mandriva Linux 2006! (¡Bienvenido a la página del Club de los usuarios de Mandriva Linux!)

11. octubre 2005:

Mandriva has granted access to Mandriva Linux 2006 to all members of the Mandriva Club and all official contributors to the distribution.
2006 is the first version developed after the merger of Mandriva, Conectiva and Lycoris. It is the most user-friendly, ergonomic and yet most powerful Mandriva Linux ever. Club members and offical contributors to the distribution are entitled to download various editions of the distribution, all including commercial applications and plugins such as Flash®, Java™ and the graphics drivers from NVIDIA® and ATI™.
Downloads are possible via BitTorrent or (on request) HTTP/FTP from dedicated servers. To speed up the download process via BitTorrent many Early Seeders are waiting with their torrents for your download! If you are not yet a club member, this is the perfect time to join and start downloading!

Mandriva Club Subscription

Mandrakelinux 10.0 Official packs are available! (Products)

19. julio 2005:

The new Mandrakelinux 10.0 Official range of packs is now available! Mandrakelinux 10.0 Official offers you all the greatest Mandrakelinux features in a professional package which includes documentation and support, as well as valuable commercial add-ons.