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Multi Network Firewall 2 : Advanced firewalling and server solution for businesses.

Advanced firewalling and server solution for businesses.

Multi Network Firewall 2 is the up-to-date Mandriva Linux security solution dedicated to the business world. Maximum innovation, performance and scalability is only a click away thanks to an easy-to-use web interface. Combining firewall, Intrusion Detection System and VPN functionality, MNF 2 is the ultimate full-featured security solution meeting all your demands. Furthermore, to make your network even more secure, benefit from a year of free updates through Mandriva Online Pro!

Multi Network Firewall 2

A comprehensive security solution

MNF2 is a multi-function product including:

Firewall, to protect your computer network from unauthorized access (filtering).
Intrusion Detection System, to alert you to abnormal network activity.
Virtual Private Network, to enable a secure private tunnel over public networks.
Proxy server, to intercept all messages entering the network.
DHCP server, to enable the automatic configuration of new machines connected to the LAN.
Caching DNS, to provide a local DNS service for computers connected to the LAN.