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Open Source Enterprise Resource Planning ERP - Compiere

The goal of enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications is to provide a unified interface for business aspects such as accounting, inventory management, point-of-sale, inventory, logistics, and customer relationship management. Open source extends the value and protects your investment by giving you control over the destiny of your software and and preventing planned vendor obsolescence. If your ERP vendor is acquired, will you be forced into a migration? Compiere, an open source ERP, provides enterprise quality and stability, at an affordable price. Mandriva along with its partners, Audaxis and Possibility Forge, are bringing affordable, open source ERP to small and medium businesses.

Comprehensive ERP Services

Mandriva and its partners provides a comprehensive range of services enabling you to focus on improving your core business processes and leveraging the power of open source ERP. Mandriva delivers the assistance you need to maximize the performance of your business. Mandriva and its business partners can work with you to adapt open source solutions to your business need and to take advantage of Mandriva's experience in open source.

Business Performance Analysis

Compiere enables business to achieve outstanding performance by delivering the information needed to fulfill business performance objectives. Compiere reporting tools offer business effectiveness and performance review from day-to-day monitoring to costing and general ledger reporting. The reporting tools provide you with real-time profitability and planning tools, allowing you to evaluate your business needs, and plan your inventory and strategy. Mandriva and its partners provide you with the knowledge to quickly and affordably deploy these tools.

Mandriva - Trusted Name, Trusted Partner

Mandriva and its ERP partners have the international experience and resources to insure that your project will be handled efficiently and completely. Mandriva's trusted name provides you with assurance that you will have seasoned ERP experts to deliver your ERP solution on time and in budget.

Mandriva Certified Enterprise Resource Planning Partner (CERPP)

Mandriva's training and certification program for business consultants, system integrators and value added resellers allows you to be trained and receive materials and assistance for Compiere implementations.
The CERPP program will provide certification and support for the following Compiere modules:

  • Purchasing Module

  • Sales Module

  • Accounting Module

  • Inventory/Work-in-Progress Module

Mandriva Partners provide training and certification for the Enterprise Resource Planning Provider (ERPP) on each of the four units above. To obtain a certification for one of the above listed units, a consultant will need to work with the ERPP on the site of the customer to validate the quality and understanding of the ERPP to provide the certification.

The certification process provides the following services to the CERPP by Mandriva or a partner:

a)One technical Training Day focused on Compiere server installation provided at the office of Mandriva or a Mandriva Partner;
b)Three days of training on Compiere features and functionality;
c)CD Set of Compiere on Mandriva Enterprise Server 4;
d)Compiere Documentation in digital format in an appropriate language;
e)5 helpdesk calls mer month; and
f)2 module certifications per year.

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