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Mandriva Business meeting (In Paris)

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How do you migrate from Windows NT to Mandriva Linux easily ?
At the Hotel Crillon, the «Eagle Room» was filled with Mandriva's guests!

On the 21st June 2005, Mandriva presented its new migration kit at a meeting in one of the most luxurious hotels in France, the Hotel Crillon. During this business meeting we explained how the migration kit can help you easily to migrate from Windows NT® to Mandriva Linux! Michel Meyer, representing the Ministry of Agriculture, told the meeting about his department's good experience with the kit.

We would like to thank again all the participants and ask everyone to make room for the next Business Meeting in September.
All the Mandriva team wish you happy holidays.

Please find below some holiday events:
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Optimise and manage your group of machines with Pulse!
The second Mandriva Business Meeting : a real success !

Tuesday 28th April 2005: the Kadrance business center was the ideal location for Mandriva to present, exclusively, its solution for managing groups of machines: Pulse !
This subject is undoubtedly very closed to the heart of information manager's concerns. In fact, so many people came that the room was packed out! We're very grateful to all the participants. See you at the next business meeting, on the 23rd of June!
Take a look at the pictures from the event below:
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