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Mandriva Linux Limited Edition 2005

Mandriva Linux LE2005 is available as CD & DVD ISO images for i586, x86_64 and PPC.

Download Mandriva Linux LE2005

Mandriva Linux Move

The full boxed version - which includes automatic configuration & data saving to the USB key and all comercial plug-ins - is available for ordering at Mandriva Store. Mandriva Club Silver Members (and above) can download the full commercial ISO of Mandriva Linux Move ! Don't delay, join the Mandriva Club now.

Download Mandriva Move Free

Purchase Mandriva Move Full

Older versions of Mandriva Linux

Mandriva Linux download mirrors

Mandriva Linux download mirrors

Download a Metisse Live CD

Mandriva One 2007 GNOME -- Metisse Inside!

Metisse is a window manager developed by the In Situ project. Available under the GPL LIcence and in exclusivity for Linux, Metisse differs from a classic 3D desktop ("the cube") in the way that it offers innovative windows interactions, thus enforcing work efficiency.

Download Mandriva One GNOME with Metisse

Learn more about Metisse in Mandriva