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Mandriva Linux General Features - Installation

A mostly automated installation procedure

  • Mandriva Linux's installation process has long been the most widely respected installer in the Linux field, yet we've made it even simpler and more powerful. It offers great features such as the capability to resize NTFS hard-disk partitions, and automatic printer detection and setup.

  • The graphical installer offers a modern look & feel with consistent layout and anti-aliased fonts.

  • The default installation process is mostly automated. The individual phases are highly intuitive, and most hardware devices are automatically recognized and configured. Power users can access advanced configuration options at any point of the installation.

  • The 'type' of installation can be tailored as a desktop or server-oriented system by choosing from various package group categories.

  • Installation is possible by various methods such as Network installation, CD or DVD installation.

  • More than 50 languages are supported during installation.

  • In addition to being able to resize NTFS partitions, the installation procedure provides many unique features such as offering various file systems (including journalized file systems EXT3, ReiserFS, XFS, and encrypted file systems), setting up RAID disks, and resizing MS-Windows FAT32 partitions.

  • Various network file systems are also supported such as NFS, SMB and WebDAV.

  • The "auto-install" tool is a convenient way to effortlessly duplicate server and workstation installations.

  • An easy-to-use rescue mode is available in case of any problems with a system.

Installation is mostly automated.

Make your choice: desktop, server or... both?

The installation procedure supports an
impressive number of languages.

All configuration options are summarized and may be
modified at the end of the installation process.