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MandrakeSoft announces availability of a version of the Linux-Mandrake operating system running on Bull's Escala IL servers based on Intel Itanium Architecture

Mardi 29 Mai 2001

Paris, May 29, 2001 - Bull and MandrakeSoft today announced that as a result of a successful technological collaboration in the area of Intel® Itanium® architecture, MandrakeSoft was making a beta version of its award-winning Linux-Mandrake operating system for Itanium-based servers available for immediate download from http://www.linux-mandrake.com/en/ftp.php3#ia64

"Linux is increasingly recognized by enterprise users as a highly attractive, low cost, scalable and robust solution compared to proprietary platforms," Jacques LeMarois, CEO and co-founder of MandrakeSoft. "The launch of Bull Escala IL line of servers based on Intel Itanium Architecture is a great opportunity for us to further partner with Bull, who has already announced a certification program forthe Linux-Mandrake operating system on its entire Intel®-based server range. We are both actively seeking to leverage Bull's i-scale Attitude program to recruit pilot projects to fully capitalize on this new business opportunity".

"MandrakeSoft's position in the Linux® market makes it a great partner for Bull as Linux further develops itself on the Intel® Itanium Architecture ," said Jean-Philippe Chiarella Vice-President of Open Systems, Bull Infrastructure & Systems. "Bull can leverage MandrakeSoft's Linux operating systems software to provide great freedom of choice and create highly scalable open net-infrastructure solutions across its Escala & Express 5800 product range."

Bull's new line of Escala IL servers responds to the needs of the growing generation of highly demanding business applications and infrastructures such as Windows® consolidation and scale-up, large database and data warehousing, ERP/CRM applications, highly secure Internet environments and high-performance computing. Today's introduction of the Escala IL servers significantly expands the Escala product range and makes it the most open of all 64-bit server ranges in the market, embracing two processor architectures (Escala PL servers based on RISC architecture and Escala IL based on Intel® Itanium architecture) and three complementary operating systems (64-bit Linux®, Microsoft® Windows® Whistler and AIX®/AIX 5L). This provides outstanding freedom of choice for customers and partners. The two new Escala IL models, the Escala IL400R (4-way server) and the Escala IL1600 (16-way server) offer 1- to 16-way multiprocessing capability and a choice of AIX 5L, 64-bit Linux and Microsoft Windows Whistler operating systems.

"The association of the Intel® Itanium Processor family and Linux is compelling to users willing to benefit from an advanced architecture for high-end systems and from the advantages of the open source world" said Olivier Riviere, European Marketing Manager, Itanium Architecture, Intel Corp. "The early availability of a robust Linux distribution running on Itanium-based systems such as Bull's Escala IL, is a key enabler that will encourage more and more application software developers to fully exploit the new architecture."

About Bull

Bull is an international IT group with customers in more than 100 countries. In 2000, the company earned revenues of 3.244 billion euros. Bull's strategy is focused on secure Internet Infrastructures and Services dedicated to helping customers transform their processes and IT infrastructure in order to take full advantage of the net.economy.
The group is organized in two major autonomous units: Integris, a pan-European IT services company that provides consulting, systems integration and managed services with a strong focus on Telcos, Internet solutions and outsourcing; and Bull Infrastructure & Systems, which uses its technology expertise, unique in Europe, to deliver internet-ready systems and net infrastructure solutions with guaranteed levels of performance, scalability and availability.
For more information visit http://www.bull.com.

About MandrakeSoft

Mandrakesoft provides a trusted interface between users of information technology and open technologists. The Linux-Mandrake distribution received the awards for "Best Product of the Year" and "Best Linux-Distribution/Server" at LinuxWorld Expo 99, as well as the PC Answers Platinum Award in April 2000, the Linux Magazine Editor's Choice Award in September 2000 and the Chip Magazine "Best Technique and Winner of the Test" in December 2000. MandrakeSoft established headquarters in Pasadena, Berkeley (U.S.), Montreal (Quebec), UK, Germany and Paris.
Information on Mandrakesoft can be found on: https://mandriva.com.

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