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EDOS - Environment for the Development and Distribution of Open-Source Software

EDOS propose des solutions innovantes pour améliorer de processus clefs dans la production d'une distribution Linux:

  • gestion formelle des dépendances de paquets

  • meta-framework de test

  • diffusion pair-à-pair de paquets logiciels

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EDOS proposes innovative solutions for dealing with three key processes at stake in the production of a Linux distribution: (i) software dependency management, (ii) automated and manual testing, (iii) code and binaries distribution over the Internet. The expected benefit is a dramatic increase of the engineering productivity of Linux editors.


The EDOS Project team is made up of the following partners, which come from a broad spectrum of horizons, from industry to academia.


Contact person

Paris 7 University - UMR CNRS

Roberto Di Cosmo


Stephane Lauriere


Serge Abiteboul, Xavier Leroy

Caixa Magica

Paulo Trezentos

CSP Torino

Eleonora Panto

Geneva University

Ciaran Bryce


Jean-Paul Smets


Stefane Fermigier

Tel-Aviv University

Tova Milo

Zurich University

Klaus Dittrich