Package name gnome-panel
Date May 14th, 2007
Advisory ID MDKA-2007:039
Affected versions 2007.1
Synopsis Updated gnome-panel packages fix rare crash bug

Problem Description

A race condition in rare cases could cause crashes in the GNOME panel
when closing a Run Application dialog. These update packages fix the
problem and includes other stability fixes and additional translations.

Updated Packages

Mandriva Linux 2007.1

 219b3b1136eba13b259bce90fbc9126e  2007.1/i586/gnome-panel-2.18.1-1.1mdv2007.1.i586.rpm
 5e9c662159794a648291875b3983f522  2007.1/i586/libpanel-applet-2_0-2.18.1-1.1mdv2007.1.i586.rpm
 3b5d624068b6846387dcd01f1aa74d74  2007.1/i586/libpanel-applet-2_0-devel-2.18.1-1.1mdv2007.1.i586.rpm 
 f2614774fc049040a1592f8baa8714f6  2007.1/SRPMS/gnome-panel-2.18.1-1.1mdv2007.1.src.rpm

Mandriva Linux 2007.1/X86_64

 6d55276fb55d4aa5134406abfa41e2a2  2007.1/x86_64/gnome-panel-2.18.1-1.1mdv2007.1.x86_64.rpm
 3488a67e1840bb51bcd9f45e2100e279  2007.1/x86_64/lib64panel-applet-2_0-2.18.1-1.1mdv2007.1.x86_64.rpm
 be13491d98842dbfdf617402707fdf11  2007.1/x86_64/lib64panel-applet-2_0-devel-2.18.1-1.1mdv2007.1.x86_64.rpm 
 f2614774fc049040a1592f8baa8714f6  2007.1/SRPMS/gnome-panel-2.18.1-1.1mdv2007.1.src.rpm


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Please verify the update prior to upgrading to ensure the integrity of the downloaded package. You can do this with the command :

                rpm --checksig package.rpm

You can get the GPG public key of the Mandriva Security Team to verify the GPG signature of each RPM.

If you use MandrivaUpdate, the verification of md5 checksum and GPG signature is performed automatically for you.