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Mandriva GlobeTrotter 2.0, powered by LaCie Mobile Hard Drive

Globetrotter 2.0

GlobeTrotter 2.0 - Powered by LaCie Mobile Hard Drive

Travel a lot? Choose GlobeTrotter 2.0!

Why choose GlobeTrotter 2.0?

   because it's INNOVATIVE: Mandriva Linux is pre-installed on an ultra compact hard's two products in one!
   because it's HANDY: you can take it everywhere, you can transform any desktop into yours, you can connect it via USB to any PC!
   because it's SAFE: it doesn't make any changes on the host computer!

... Freedom is a choice!

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 Product Sheet
*  Included services:

- 30 days of Web support
- A month of Mandriva Club membership
- A month of Mandriva Online membership

*  Content and main features

   LaCie hard drive designed by F.A. Porsche, 40 GB or Mandriva Linux system 80 GB bootable, host-powered USB Mobile Hard Drive
   Mandriva Linux Limited Edition 2005 distribution bootable CD (for computers that cannot boot directly from USB)
   Booklet explaining how to use the GlobeTrotter 2.0 features
   Electronic manual explaining how to use your Mandriva Linux desktop
   Automatic hardware detection*
   Initial configuration (language, keyboard, administrator password, user accounts)
   Storage of hardware profiles (including recognition of 'known' systems previously used with the GlobeTrotter drive)

System backup
Recovery of initial software packages from a backup partition in case of system corruption
   2 solutions:
   - 40 Gb hard drive with 12.4 Gb available for user files and 12.4 Gb readable from MS Windows® and Mac OS
   - 80 Gb hard drive with 33,1 Gb available for user files and 33,1 Gb readable from MS Windows® and Mac OS
   Fast data transfer rates with USB2
* Most hardware configurations are supported

Mandriva Linux System
With Mandriva Linux Limited edition 2005, Globetrotter 2.0 will give you the simplicity and reliability of the Mandriva Linux System, along with a wide assortment of software, including:

*  Office office suite 1.1.4 - fully compatible with Microsoft® Office documents
 Commercial applications Adobe Acrobat® Reader®7, Real PlayerTM and FlashTMPlayer

*  Internet
 Integrated personal information suites Kontact and Evolution
 Mozilla Firefox 1.0.2 and Konqueror web browsers

*  Multimedia
 Totem - a full-featured multimedia player
 The Gimp - image manipulation software
 K3B - for burning CDs

*  Development Tools
 Kdevelop - a full-featured and easy-to-use integrated Developement Environment
 GCC - the GNU Compiler Collection
 Commercial applications such as J2SDK 1.4, J2RE
LaCie Mobile Hard Drive:
State-of-the-art design and impressive performance
With a twelve-year history of innovation in the competitive field of storage devices, LaCie has teamed up with Porsche Design GmbH to produce a stunning new model which features state-of-the-art design and awesome performance.

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