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Mandriva Move : Live-CD version of Mandriva Linux; doesn't require installation on hard drive.

Live-CD version of Mandriva Linux; doesn't require installation on hard drive.

Take off into the Linux world

Have you always wanted to try out Linux but were afraid you weren't up to the task? Here's Move, the easiest and safest way to test drive Linux.
Built on the Live-CD technology, Move enables you to run a full operating system from just one CD, anywhere, without the need for installation. Move is truly mobile. This is the only product of its kind to offer built-in handling of USB keys, allowing for automatic and seamless backup of configuration settings, as well as user data, up to 1.5 GB*.
Move features the award-winning Mandriva Linux, widely recognized for its user-friendliness, together with a collection of applications equivalent to or compatible with Microsoft® Windows® software. So there are no more barriers to prevent you from taking off into the Linux world.

* In terms of storage capacity, you can choose from 128 MB, 256 MB, 512 MB or 1.5 GB.
To find a complete listing of compatible USB keys, please go there.
** Some media require specific software components not available under Linux. These can't be played by Move.

Applications Displayed in Move's Menu

Use office tools

  • Create a text document -- OpenOffice.org Writer

  • Create a spreadsheet -- OpenOffice.org Calc

  • Create a presentation -- OpenOffice.org Impress

  • Create a drawing -- OpenOffice.org Draw

  • Create flowcharts and diagrams -- Dia

  • Consult an address book -- Kontact-KAddressBook

  • Send a fax -- KDEPrintFax

  • View a fax -- KFax

  • Use a calculator -- KCalc

  • Search dictionnaries and encyclopedias -- KDict


  • Organize your time -- Kontact-KOrganizer

  • Manage tasks -- Kontact-KOrganizer

  • Track time spent on tasks -- KArm

  • Write notes -- Kontact-KNotes

  • Manage your finances -- GnuCash

  • Manage projects -- Planner

Surf the Internet

  • Connect to the Internet -- KPPP

  • Browse the Web -- Konqueror

  • Read and send e-mail -- Kontact-KMail

  • Chat -- Kopete

  • Read and send newsgroup messages -- Kontact-KNode

  • Organize a video conference -- GnomeMeeting

  • Transfer files with FTP -- KBear

Enjoy music and video

  • Adjust the volume -- KMix

  • Listen to audio CDs -- KsCD

  • Listen to music files -- Totem

  • Rip audio CDs -- KAudioCreator

  • Record sounds -- Sound Recorder

  • Mix music -- Audacity

  • Watch videos -- Totem

  • Watch television -- XawTV

  • Edit video -- Kdenlive

View, modify and create graphics

  • View images and photos -- GQview

  • Edit images and photos -- The GIMP

  • Scan and use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) -- Kooka

  • Import and sort your photos -- KimDaBa

  • Create a screenshot -- KSnapshot

Play games

  • Frozen-Bubble

  • ArmageTron

  • Cannon Smash

  • Chromium

  • LBreakout 2

  • Tuxracer

  • Crack Attack! - Solo

Administer your system

  • Configure your desktop -- KDE Control Center

  • Configure your computer -- Mandriva Linux Control Center

  • Change your password -- KDEPasswd

  • Burn CDs-DVDs -- K3B

  • Compress and decompress files -- Ark

  • Format floppies -- KFloppy

  • User a terminal emulator -- Konsole