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Polish Dragonia Magazine 9 published!

Venerdì, 30 Marzo 2007

The latest issue of Dragonia Magazine, Polish community magazine, was published today!

You can find there, as usual, a lot of interesting articles:

  • How to defend against spam,

  • jKatalog - clean up your CD collection,

  • Kexi - databases for everyone,

  • C++ - next part of our contest,

  • Eagle - a bit about electronics,

  • LTSP - thin-client but powerful,

  • Contest for programmers - answer and win a powerpack !(thanks to Amazis.net from Poland for this release)

  • and, of course, much more!

Magazine is available for free download from ftp mirrors.

Feel free to read also the older releases of the mag - in 8th one you can find really useful article about setting up your own jabber server and review of Metisse!

For now, magazine is available only in Polish, but in future there will be a possibility to download it also in English!