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Clustering HPC solution : High Performance Computing solution for businesses and organizations.

Mandriva Linux Clustering is a Mandriva clustering solution based on research product CLIC. It's been designed to offer research laboratories an affordable, fast-to-deploy, easy-to-use, heavy-calculation systems based on Clustering.
We aim at bringing together a unique combination of the best free-software cluster-oriented tools and Mandriva's proven experience in design and accessibility to merge into an easy-to-use linux distribution for clusters.
Typical applications include: crash simulations, acoustics, seismic modeling, MonteCarlo simulations, risk analysis etc..

Software version numbers

Parrallel cc: distcc-2.16, ccache-2.3
Monitoring tools: ganglia-monitor-2.5.6, monika-0.4.3, xmlsysd-0.2.5
Remote administration: clusterscripts-client-1.1, clusterscripts-server-1.1, drakcluster-1.1, IPMI-1.0
Parallelized tools: fanout-0.6.1, fsh-1.2, dssh-0.1, mussh-0.5, shmux-0.12b, gexec-0.3.5, pcp-0.3.2, authd-0.2.1, p-run-0.1, gsh-0.9.0, pconsole-1.0, ka-run-2.0, urpmi-parallel-ka-run-4.4.5
Deployement method: ka-deploy-server-0.92, OpenIPMI1-1.3.11, pxe-1.4.2
Job scheduling: torque-1.1, maui-3.2.6, perl-Maui-0.0.5
Messaging transit layers:atlas-3.4.2, mpic++-, mpif77-, pvm-3.4.4, lam-runtime-7.0.6, kernel-2.6.3, gcc-3.3.2.