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Mandriva Announces Plans For Mexico

2006 12月 21 木曜日:

Paris, Mexico - Mexican local office begins operations in order to offer Mandriva Linux solutions to organizations and people all over the country.

Mandriva Flash, 3D In Your Pocket! (Flash)

2006 12月 06 水曜日:

Mandriva, the global Linux distributor, today launches Mandriva Flash, the first Mandriva Linux Live USB key. Hit the right key with Mandriva Flash!

Bringing its long experience with Live CDs, Mandriva aims to offer the best performing live system. All you have to do is plug in the USB key, turn the PC on and the Mandriva Linux 2007 operating system is ready to use in no time, with all you need for office work, Internet and multimedia tasks. The main advantage of Mandriva Flash is that it provides a full-featured system that requires no installation and - the icing on the cake - fits in your pocket! This is the most mobile distribution ever.

Mandriva Allies With IBPhoenix To Support Firebird 2.0

2006 11月 23 木曜日:

Thanks to a collaboration between IBPhoenix and Mandriva, Mandriva Linux is now the distribution offering the best integrated support for Firebird 2.0.

Scilab Included In Mandriva Linux 2007

2006 11月 07 火曜日:

Mandriva, the leading European Linux publisher, and the Scilab Consortium announce today the availability of the Scilab software within Mandriva Linux 2007.

Worldwide 2007 Mandriva Linux Install Fest

2006 10月 10 火曜日:

Mandriva rallies the community of Linux users in many cities across the globe on October 21st 2006.

Mandriva Signs Definitive Agreement to Acquire Linux Enterprise Software Infrastructure Company Linbox

2006 10月 05 木曜日:

Mandriva, the global editor of Linux distributions, announced today that it signed a definitive agreement to acquire Linbox FAS ("Linbox"). The agreement remains subject to shareholders approval.

Mandriva Linux 2007: A Quantum Leap

2006 10月 04 水曜日:

Mandriva today is proud to introduce its brand new distribution: Mandriva Linux 2007. This new version of the operating system was designed to be an even better fit for the needs and expectations all users, from the beginner to the SOHO user.

The key innovation of Mandriva Linux 2007 is the spectacular AIGLX and Xgl 3D-accelerated desktop. Mandriva is the only distribution to provide both technologies, making it compatible with the widest range of hardware; a special tool features auto-detection of the best 3D solution for your hardware. Mandriva is particularly happy to have achieved this major breakthrough in desktop appearance.

Mandriva announces Corporate Server 4.0

2006 9月 19 火曜日:

Mandriva launches Corporate Server 4.0, a full, open solution that will let you deploy servers in any environment in just a few minutes: the most complete open source server solution on the market.

With version 4.0 of Corporate Server, Mandriva enables its current and future customers in all types of enterprise to benefit from the best of Linux (reliability, security, low administration costs) along with the best of Mandriva (ease of use, exclusive Mandriva utilities, and professional services) for the administration and integration of servers. In designing this all new version, Mandriva's team have retained all the features that made version 3.0 a success while adding more strong points.

The Second Release Candidate "Sunna" Of Mandriva Linux 2007 Is Out! ()

2006 9月 17 日曜日:

Available in two different live/install CDs versions (KDE or GNOME) and a Dual Architecture Installation DVD.

Discover now what the new Mandriva Linux 2007 will be like!
Check out the features included!

Note that a release candidate is a version that will probably be chosen as the official version to release. But bugs can still be found, this is why we strongly encourage everyone to test and report any bugs or surprises they may encounter.

The third beta version of Mandriva Linux 2007, Tyr, has been released ! ()

2006 8月 16 水曜日:

Still available in four different versions (KDE or GNOME, i586 or x86_64) and a Dual Architecture Installation DVD, get a closer look at the next Mandriva Linux 2007 edition.

Note that not all of the new features have been implemented yet and that a beta version is not bug-proof, on the contrary. This is why we strongly encourage everyone to test and report any bugs or surprises they may encounter.