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Mandriva Pulse : The first Open Source IT Management solution

Mandriva Pulse is the first Open Source comprehensive management solution that uses Linux to deploy, manage and maintain Linux and Windows® resources. Using automated and intelligent scenarios allow administrators to provide centralized control over the IT assets, for remote management, inventory and software management. Mandriva Pulse is the industry-leading technology for massive Linux desktop roll-out projects.



• Open-Source system for managing Linux and Windows® workstations and servers

• Multi-distribution (Mandriva Linux, RedHat, SuSe) deployment

• Linux and Windows® remote administration (install, update, manage)

• Flexible scenarios

• Secured and centralized control

• Heterogeneous IT Assets Management


Is Pulse GPL?


Therefore you have:

  1. the right to run the program, for any desired purpose

  2. the right to study how the program works, and modify it (access to the source code is a precondition for this)

  3. the right to redistribute copies

  4. the right to improve the program, and release the improvements to the public (access to the source code is a precondition for this)

I have to manage both Linux and Windows, what can I do with Pulse?

You can remotely manage your workstations (administer, install applications, apply updates) with no need to worry about the system used (Mandriva Linux, Red Hat, SUSE, Microsoft Windows XP®). In addition, you can organize the workstations as you like thanks to a flexible IT assets management system.

I want to deploy Linux and manage my existing Windows workstations. Is that possible with Pulse?

Of course. You can easily deploy Linux on a part of your computer equipment while using Pulse to administer the remaining computers running Windows.

I want to reduce TCO and make deployments and upgrades reliable. Is Pulse right for me?

Yes. Thanks to Pulse you can automate installation and software management, reducing TCO significantly. In addition, a built-in roll back function is available in case of problems.

I would like to customize and configure the deployment of Linux on my computer equipment. Is it possible?

Pulse goes beyond its competitors in terms of flexibility and customization. You can organize your machine pool to your liking, define the pace and the targets of the deployment as well as choosing the packages to install, all thanks to the use of computer “profiles”.

I have more than a thousand machines, will that be a problem?

Not at all. Pulse is the ideal tool for the deployment of Linux on a large number of workstations (starting from 10 computers).

Are there complementary tools for Pulse?

Of course. Pulse has been designed for interoperability. Pulse can work with:

  • asset management (such as GLPI)

  • network monitoring (Nagios)

  • asset inventory (OCS Inventory NG)

What is the language used for coding Pulse?

Pulse has been developed in Ruby.

Ruby is an interpreted scripting language designed for quick and easy object-oriented programming. It has many features for processing text files and for system management tasks (as in Perl). It is simple, extensible and portable.

What is the positioning of Pulse?

Can I download Pulse?

In order to fulfill our clients' needs, Pulse is available in a project mode only.

When will the next version be released?

The next version of Pulse will be released in Fall 2006. This version will add support for Windows NT, a revised engine and a whole range of new functions and features.

Where can I get more information?

  • For more information please contact: