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New Features

Mandriva Linux 2007 Spring is the freshest, most up-to-date distribution, featuring the latest desktop technologies and supporting the widest range of hardware configurations.

Explore 2007 Spring
Mandriva Linux 2007 Spring has higher performance and is more innovative, more easy-to-use, more intuitive and more user-friendly.

Higher performance:

Powerpack 2007 Spring.

Manage your IT infrastructure by running many virtualized Linux and Windows® operating systems simultaneously on a single physical machine powered by Mandriva Linux. The "full virtualization" technologies we integrate allow an unmodified operating system with all of its installed software to run in a special environment, on top of your existing operating system. There are various ways to do so and Mandriva wanted you to get them all. Choose your technology:

  • VirtualBox

  • VMware

  • QtEmu

More innovative:

Powerpack 2007 Spring.

Outstanding! Metisse is an innovative next-generation desktop offering innovative features which increase and improve the usability of the desktop. More than a 3D desktop, it is the next step. You must see it to believe it. Tired of scrolling, double clicking many times, switching from page to page? Metisse will simplify and make computing easier for you. Unlike the widely known 3D-accelerated desktops with the "cube" effect and other visual enhancements, Metisse offers an innovative way to manage windows, improving work efficiency. It has been designed by the In Situ project, a collaboration of various French researchers. Once you tried it, you won't want to live without it. You can have a look at some Metisse screenshots to discover the many possibilities it has to offer. Of course, if you prefer Beryl or Compiz, they are available as well.

More easy-to-use:

Discovery 2007 Spring.

Benefit from the applications of the famous Web leader tuned for the Linux environment.

Photo Album application: ideal for organizing photos. It has file importing and tracking features. It also offers several basic photo editing functions, including color enhancement and red eye reduction. Other features are included such as slide shows and printing.

Leading 3D Geographic application that combines the power of Google Search with satellite imagery, maps, terrain and 3D buildings to put the world's geographic information at your fingertips.

More intuitive:

Stay in contact!

Stay in contact! Phone family and friends all over the world at a very low and competitive rate with Wengo. Use the computer instead of a phone and with this setup you can call anyone who has compatible software. And if the other person does not have a computer, you can call them directly on their telephone. Similar to Skype, Wengo is also a VOIP provider, has no security issues and is 50% cheaper than its competitors.

More creative:

Powerpack 2007 Spring.

Ever dreamed of being a DJ, a film producer or a game creator? Try out the Powerpack 2007 Spring.

Create your own digital music and mix your favorite sounds in front of your friends! LMMS gives you the ability of producing music with your computer by creating cool loops, synthesizing and mixing sounds, arranging samples and having more fun with your MIDI-keyboard.

If you are more attracted to the video game industry, try out Blender. Blender can be used for modelling, texturing, animating, rendering, non-linear editing, compositing, creating interactive 3D applications and more. It was used for the world's first open source movie: "Elephant's dream" !

More user-friendly:

Easy installation: RPMDrake gives you a quick view of what is installed, what you can install, what Mandriva recommends, which updates are available and much more.

Easy connection:Thanks to a huge hardware database and a smooth network configuration tool called drakconnect, you can use almost any means of communication (GPRS, LAN, wifi, DSL, 3G) to stay in touch with your friends. Additionnaly, wherever you are, you can connect via wifi without being root user.

On the cutting edge:

Mandriva Linux 2007 Spring provides you with of all the latest open source applications:

  • KDE 3.5.6

  • GNOME 2.18

  • OpenOffice.org 2.1

  • Mozilla Firefox 2.0

  • Mozilla Thunderbird 2.0

  • X.org 7.2