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Mandriva Support for Open Source Projects and Organizations: Bastille Linux

*   Bastille Linux

Project leader : Jay Beale, Yoann Vandoorselaere

Date of creation : December 1999

Description : The Bastille Hardening System attempts to "harden" or "tighten" the Linux operating system. It currently supports Red Hat and Mandriva systems. We attempt to provide the most secure, yet usable, system possible. The project is run by Jon Lasser, Lead Coordinator and Jay Beale, Lead Developer and involves a number of developers, beta-testers and concept-creators. Bastille Linux was developed with several major goals: Comprehensiveness, Instructiveness and Community.

Mandriva support : Mandriva hired Jay Beale (Lead Developer) on Nov. 14, 2000 to lead its growing security team.

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