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Mandriva Support for Open Source Projects and Organizations: GNOME Project

*   GNOME project

Project Founder: Miguel de Icaza

Date of creation: August 1997

Description : The GNOME project was born as an effort to create an entirely free desktop environment for free systems. From the start, the main objective of GNOME has been to provide a user friendly suite of applications and an easy-to-use desktop.
As with most GNU programs, GNOME has been designed to run on all modern strains of Unix-like operating systems.
As the project has progressed over the past months, the objectives of the project have been extended to address a number of problems in the existing Unix infrastructure.
The GNOME project acts as an umbrella, the major components of GNOME are:

- The GNOME desktop: an easy to use windows-based environment for users.
- The GNOME development platform: a rich collection of tools, libraries, and components to develop powerful applications on Unix.
- The GNOME Office: A set of office productivity applications.

GNOME is a large collection of software, created over the last two years. It ranges in scope from small utilities to large, powerful systems, and from low-level development libraries to end-user applications.

Mandriva support: Mandriva has contributed to the GUADEC conference for two years. Mandrivasoft employee Frederic Crozat is working on GNOME development projects, such as G2 release and esound.

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