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Mandriva Support for Open Source Projects:

*   LinuxPrinting

Project Leader: Till Kamppeter

Project Founder: Grant Taylor

Date of creation: 1998

Description: contains the largest repository of Free Software printing-related information on the Internet. A core part of the website consists of the Foomatic database, which lists all known Free Software printer drivers with information on over 800 printer models and how they are supported by the Free Software drivers. In addition, the Foomatic configuration and filter system provides filter scripts and generates configuration files for easily configuring printers with Free Software print spoolers (or without spoolers) with access to all/most of the printer's features and options.

After being integrated for the first time in Mandriva Linux 7.2, Foomatic quickly became an unofficial standard for print spoolers in Linux and soon also appeared in other distributions including Red Hat, Conectiva, Debian, Caldera, and others.

Mandriva support: Mandrivasoft hired Till Kamppeter, the creator and key developer of XPP (the X Printing Panel, a graphical front-end for CUPS) in August 2000 to support the development of Free Software printing. While employed by Mandriva, Till Kamppeter has taken the leadership of the website, keeps the Foomatic database up-to-date, and maintains the software as well as the website.

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