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Mandriva development projects and works

As a an active player in the Open Source universe, we are grateful for the community's huge contribution.
It goes without saying we are keen to give back to the community. Therefore since Mandriva was created we have carried out actions that aim in support of the GNU/Linux community.
This section is dedicated to all those wishing to contribute, and assess the impact of their contribution.

*   Cooker

Using the Open Development model that is at the heart of Linux's success, Mandriva provides independent programmers and volunteer users with a pilot version of its upcoming products, code-named Cooker.
  • If you are just curious to know more about Cooker, you can read here
  • an overview.
  • Being a developer or a Linux experienced user, you wish to participate in Cooker; the kitchen is on, our development site.

    *   Projects

    Mandriva contributes to the Open Source community by developing and supporting innovative software projects. Discovering how innovative and interesting they are, you might want to get involved.

    Learn more about the following projects:
    KDE, GNOME, Plex86, Bastille Linux, Prelude, Aurora, CUPS, PHPNUKE, Linux Kernel Development,

    Find out more on the following Mandriva tools: RpmLint, Urpmi


    *   Internationalization

    With more than fifty languages supported, Mandriva Linux is one of the most internationalized distribution. If you wish to help increase its level of internationalization, please feel free to browse the i18n pages.


    *   Documentation writing and translating

    At Mandriva, documentation is also Open Source. That's why we always welcome those of you wanting to participate in :
    • Writing new chapters or sections
    • Translating to supported languages or even others
    • Proofreading the manuals and improve their quality
    For more informations, please consult the Mandriva Linux Documentation Projectpages.

Direct Access
Consulting, support, training... Mandriva's Business offer is designed to fulfill the needs of the most challenging enterprise.

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