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Corporate Server 4.0 : The open source keystone for business computing

The open source keystone for business computing

Mandriva Corporate Server 4, the new Mandriva Linux distribution for enterprises, fulfills the vital requirements of enterprise IT managers: performance and reliability for mission-critical functions, compatibility with established industry standards, interoperability, strong and secure design, long-term maintenance, and a good return on investment.

As the open source server operating system of choice, Mandriva Corporate Server 4 gives its customers the key to a catalog of third-party software that grows daily. Mandriva has achieved the certification of its products with the leading software companies in the business, like Oracle, IBM, Sun, SWsoft and more.

Corporate Server 4

Detailed specifications


x86, x86-64

Base system:

  • Kernel 2.6.12

  • Secure remote access with OpenSSH

  • Kernel access control system: rsbac(1.2)

  • Virtualization: Xen (3.0), OpenVZ

  • Duplicating systems: Ka, Dolly, Dolly+

Middleware stacks:

  • Directory server: OpenLDAP (2.3)

  • Network authentication: Kerberos 5

  • Databases: MySQL (5.0), PostgreSQL (8.1), DB2

  • Web server: Apache (2.2)

  • Proxy server: SQUID

Server stacks:

  • Sharing files: NFS (3 et 4)

  • File server: SAMBA (3.0.22)

  • Print server: CUPS (1.2)

  • SMTP servers: Postfix (2.2), Sendmail

  • POP/IMAP servers: Cyrus-IMAP (2.2), Courier-IMAP (3.0)

  • Auto-installation server: PXE

  • DHCP server: ISC dhcp-server

  • FTP server: Proftpd, Pure-ftp

  • DNS server: BIND

  • J2EE App. server: Tomcat, Jonas, Websphere CE

More information

Download the Product sheet for more information about the content of the Mandriva Corporate Server 4.