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Mandriva Linux 2007 Release Candidate 2 "Sunna"

The second release candidate of Mandriva Linux 2007 is released !


Available in two differents flavours live/install CDs (KDE or GNOME) or in a whole new dual architecture Installation DVD, discover the next Mandriva Linux 2007 edition, before its official release !


A release candidate is a version that will probably get chosen to be the official version. This is why we strongly encourage everyone to test and report any bugs or surprises they may encounter.

Main Changes since Mandriva Linux 2006:

  • New 3D desktop support and drak3D to configure it (also in the Mandriva One 2007)

  • New rpmDrake with combined installation / removal interface

  • New 'Ia Ora' Mandriva theme

  • drakVPN : New VPN configuration tool

  • Invictus Firewall : a redundant firewall !

  • GNOME 2.16

  • Kernel 2.6.17 (based on, with ALSA 1.0.12 final, i965 support, and new kernel factorization: normal, enterprise and legacy)

  • KDE 3.5.4

Download Mandriva Linux RC2 Sunna

Learn more about Mandriva Linux RC2 Sunna

  • Mandriva Linux 2007 Release Candidate 2 "Sunna":

    Note : The ISO files are under 3 directories.

    • i586 holds the 32bits version of Mandriva One (Live/Install CD) (also works on x86_64).

    • x86_64 holds the 64bits version of Mandriva One (Live/Install CD).

    • i586_x86_64, for the Dual Architecture DVD/CDs ISO files.