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Mandriva Online: Easily update your pack

Mandrivaonline provides a wide range of valuable services for easily updating your Mandriva Linux systems.

*   What are the benefits of Mandrivaonline?

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Perfect system security
Mandrivaonline provides automated software updates including security patches, bug fixes and errata notices. All updates are based on your machine's specific hardware configuration and installed software

Notification of updates
Mandrivaonline can inform you when new updates are available:
By e-mail
By an applet on the desktop

Automatic updates
With automatic software updates you no longer need to worry about keeping your Mandriva Linux systems up-to-date. Manage all networked Mandriva Linux systems with one Mandrivaprofile: Understand at a glance the status of all machines

Flexible scheduled updates
Access to logs : Quickly view the history of all updates
A personalized page at

This website has a whole section dedicated to security and how it interacts with Mandriva Linux. It provides links and information to a variety of resources, including other web sites and open source software, and it offers feature articles written specifically about security aspects related to Mandrivalinux. Find out more.

*   How to subscribe to Mandrivaonline?

To benefit from free subscriptions included with Mandriva Linux retail packs, you first need to create an account at Mandrivaprofile

Services Mandrivaonline
  • Applet in
    system tray
  • E-mail Alerts

Automatic update Yes

Updates refer to security and bugfix updates.

What do the icons in the system tray mean ?

Green :This means everything is OK.


Orange has several possible meanings:

Problem : Configuration problem.
Disconnected : Network is down.
Busy : System is busy.
Payment : Waiting for payment.


Red : Packages are available for update

Tip : If the Mandriva Linux applet is killed, run the following command in a terminal as the 'root' user to launch it again:
'mdkapplet -f' or 'mdkapplet --force'

What are automatic updates?

Automatic updates are the easiest way to keep your software programs up to date. A simple mouse click, or a single command, can update your Mandriva Linux system with security updates and bug fixes. Updates can be scheduled for a convenient time, such as at night when the computer isn't busy.

Compatible Mandriva Linux versions

Mandriva Linux 10.0 Official and above

Recommended configurations

Processor: an x586-class or above processor is required. This includes Intel Pentium I/II/III/IV, AMD K6/II/III, AMD Duron, AMD Athlon/XP/MP. SMP multi-processor machines are supported. (*)
Memory: at least 64 MB is required (32 MB for text-install); 128 MB or more is recommended.


Mandrivaonline service fee

  21.95 $ a year

The service is free of charge
for Mandriva Club Silver members
and above

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Direct Access
Consulting, support, training... Mandriva's Business offer is designed to fulfill the needs of the most challenging enterprise.

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