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Mandriva Linux is a Linux distribution, which means an operating system with desktop environments and lots of software included.

With Mandriva Linux, you can take full advantage of your computer. Manage your photos and videos, chat with your friends, call them using the Internet, surf the web, send emails, get your favorite website news, write and share documents, relax and play games...

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Mandriva Linux 2007

Enterprise solutions

GNU/Linux is not only an operating system, it's a philosophy !

"Free software" or open source refers to the users' freedom to use, copy, distribute, study, change and improve the software by following particular and well-defined licensing rules. Mandriva Linux obey these rules, users of our distributions can use and copy it freely (except for third-party software and drivers). Developpers or people that want to learn can dissect our code and modify it at will to improve our functionnalities and offers. Though open source is more than using and learning, above all free software is sharing. Sharing knowledge, sharing possibilities.
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Standardization makes everything possible

Everything you do under Linux is compatible with other operating systems. Mandriva insists on the use of open and/or standards file format (TXT, HTML/XHTML, PNG (image), Ogg(music), XVID(video), XML, OpenDocument, PDF...). It does not mean proprietary file formats such as mp3, doc, wmv among other won't be readable on Mandriva Linux, on the contrary ! Mandriva Linux is fully compatible but would like you to see the world differently, adopt our standardization principle, for everyone to be company-independent and share their data freely over the Internet with friends and co-workers.