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PowerPack+ : Linux for your office

Linux for your office

A security-reinforced network, simplified data-sharing tools, client follow-ups, collaborative teamwork, create your own advertising and promotion (mainly over the Internet), worker mobility and efficiency,and simple IT management. You can have it all in just one small box. All you need to boost and manage your activity.


  • 2 Dual-Arch Double-Layer DVDs

  • "Mastering Mandriva Linux" manual

  • New stickers

  • A free service pack






Free Offer


Gold Level

3 months

3 months


Invictus Firewall: a redundant firewall!

'Because two is better than one”, Mandriva Linux developed for SOHO Invictus Firewall, a double firewall thanks to which you get a simple and entirely redundant cluster of high availability firewalls configuration. So in case of firewall breakdown or maintenance you can keep on working.

drakVPN: new VPN configuration tool

While working you need to communicate confidentially via the Internet with clients, partners and employees located everywhere in the world. As you must know, it's safer to chat on an internal network than on the Web, a public network infrastructure. For that purpose, with Mandriva Linux 2007 you have the opportunity to create a virtual private network. In this setup, only authorized computers will have access to your personal information.
Find more technical information and screenshots about drakVPN on Mandriva Community Wiki.

Tiny ERP

A free software product that boosts productivity and profits through data integration, is included with Powerpack+. It connects and improves business processes: sales, finance, supply chain, project management, etc. TinyERP gives SOHO users tools for decision making and monitoring their entire business.


An open source Content Management System. It is used for everything from simple websites to complex corporate applications. We chose to integrate Joomla in Mandriva Linux 2007 because it is easy to install, simple to manage, and reliable.

VMware, virtualize your office reality

Virtualize your operating system, your network and your storage with VMware, and use them with a centralised management system. VMware products provide virtual platforms which allow you to improve your productivity by making deployment more efficient and allowing you to exploit the full performance of your machines and you can also reduce the risks and costs of deploying new applications.

BitDefender, network security solutions

BitDefender offers network security software solutions (anti-virus, anti-spam, anti-spyware) for enterprises and server providers. BitDefender brings proactive protection of message traffic against viruses, Trojans and other potentially malicious code, protecting users while respecting data protection laws.

BitDefender's strong points:

  • Complex anti-spam technology

  • User and group management

  • SNMP-compatible

  • Advanced updating system

Arkeia Smart Backup

Arkeia Software provides powerful, innovative data protection software for networked storage. Arkeia Software protects more than 100,000 networks for 5,000 customers in 50 countries. Mandriva Linux 2007 includes Arkeia Smart Backup to provide small and midsize businesses with an innovative technology to help control their storage budget: integrated volume based pricing technology.