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Mandriva Labs Hardware certification process

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The number of Linux users, both individuals and businesses, is greatly expanding worldwide; this growth has resulted in greater demand for hardware devices that are compatible with Linux. Mandriva, producer and publisher of the popular Mandriva Linux Operating system, is one of the premier Linux software and solution providers. With an exhaustive and stringent process, the MandrivaLabs Hardware Certification Process can ensure the compatibility of your hardware with the Mandriva Linux operating system.

The benefits of hardware certification are many:

->  Boost activity in the Linux market

By certifying that a product is compatible with Linux, hardware manufacturers can take a greater part of this growing market. The strong internationalization of Mandriva Linux exposes your business to a worldwide market.

->  Confirm hardware compatibility to users,
thereby demonstrating the availability of technical support

Mandriva, as a leading Open Source provider, delivers to millions of users the information needed for choosing peripherals. The certification process also provides the users of certified hardware with Mandrivasoft support. In the eyes of Mandriva Linux users, any hardware that is "certified" is thereby recommended, which greatly influences purchasing decisions. Moreover, users know that by choosing peripherals from the Certified Hardware List they can take full advantage of support provided by the Mandriva Linux community.

->  Publicize/advertise product compatibility

Once certification is achieved, Mandriva publicizes the compatibility list to its entire base of users, both individual customers and professionals, through:

  • A listing in our hardware database available on (the website receives more than one million visits per month)
  • Joint promotions can also be arranged

Contact MandrivaLabs:

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