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Advertising in Mandriva Linux

*   Advertising in the Mandriva Linux Community Newsletter & on Mandriva's websites

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*   Advertising in Mandriva Linux 9.2 Edition

With millions of downloads and sales every year, Mandriva products are among the most popular Linux solutions available. You now have the opportunity to dramatically increase your visibility with a new advertising tool. Flexible, targetted and benefiting from Mandriva Linux's wordwide visibility, this new advertising opportunity is designed for our partners exclusively.

Mandriva Linux, one of the 3 world leaders in Linux software represents 4 million users who either buy one of the boxed products or download the core edition.

Place a link to your website in every Mandriva Linux 9.2 version: in every browser, a link to your website will be visible on the taskbar and in the bookmark section.

Installation Advertising
At system installation, advertisements are displayed at different steps, while users are waiting. Each of these steps is fairly short and the ads get the user's complete attention throughout the process. Meanwhile, the ad messages provide information to users about your offer or your involvement in the Linux world. Each one of our 4 million users goes through this process, and will see your ads.

Mandriva Linux Browser Default Page
The Default page is seen by every user when any browser included in the product is launched. When your Web connection is active, a dynamic page is called.
You can display your ads or messages, product or event communication on this page. Its dynamic nature will allow you to create evolutionary advertising, keeping in touch with the users.

*   Pricing


*   Specifications

For the bookmark
The number of characters is limited to 20.

For the Installation advertising
The image must be provided in the number of languages required by the advertiser.
For information, Mandriva Linux is available in more than 30 different languages.
The main languages are French/English/Spanish/German/Italian.
The maximum size for the picture is 556 x 303 pixels
256 colors
72 dpi

Caveat: we will not be able to accomodate all requests, we reserve the right to choose candidates on a FCFS basis.

Direct Access
Mandriva stock
Euronext (MAKE.PA) :
6.80 €
(~ 9.07 USD)

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