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*   Mandriva Partnership Program for Distributor

In this extremely fast growing Linux market, the partnership programme can help ensure the growth of your business.

Mandriva's Distribution Partnership Programme (Wholesalers/Retailers) offers the opportunity to establish a win-win close working relationship with a major participant in this exciting and dynamic field. Our partnership programme offers a wide selection of products, services and support, both technical and commercial. Mandriva is the ideal partner to help grow your business.

The main objective of this programme is to offer you a permanent and economically attractive solution ideally suited to your needs.

Become a Mandriva Distributor

There are two categories of distributors :

You possess a channel of retailers and you are specialized in wholeselling software products.More...

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As a retailer, your customers are mainly end-users. You would like to sell
official Mandrakelinux products, and you commit yourself purchasing at least a minimum order quantity.More...

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Partner contact
  Call +1 951 341-6937 or
email us at

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The Personalized Solutions and Maintenance Program allows organizations to reduce the costs related to evaluating, acquiring, implementing, and maintaining eBusiness software. More ....