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Mandriva Partnership Levels


Mandriva Partnership Level
Annual Program Fee Free $599,00 $1 499,00
Website --- --- Yes
Business Plan --- --- Required
Annual Revenue Commitment --- --- Yes
Contract --- 1 year 1 year
Mandriva Partner Certification ---- 20% Discount 30% Discount
Partner Online Platform Yes Yes Yes
Mandriva Partner Welcome Kit (NFR) ---- 2 products 4 products
Partner Knowledge Base Wiki ---- Membership Standard Membership Silver
Mandriva Product Maintenance Account ---- Yes. Only for personal product range Yes. Personal and professional product range
Credit Term ---- 15 days 30 days
Beta Community Software ---- ISO ISO and CDs
Product Customization ---- ---- Specific case basis
Status as Authorized Mandriva Partner. ---- PDF PDF and Hard Copy
Partner Workshops ---- Yes, on a regular basis. Yes, on a regular basis.
Volume Discount Pricing Option ---- available available
Authorization to Display Partner Logo Yes, only for the standard logo Yes, only for the silver logo Yes, only for the gold logo
OEM / System Builders Buy from partner online platform Buy from partner online platform Partner online Platform & License to product in-house
LPI approved Sample Training Material ---- Yes, PDF Yes, PDF
Hardware Certification Kit * ---- ---- Yes
Dedicated Manager ---- ---- Yes
Mandriva Manual/Guide ---- PDF PDF and Hard Copy
Priority Mandriva Support ---- Email Email & Phone
Direct Communication with Marketing & Sales Team ---- Email Email & Phone
Pre-sale Consultancy on Mandriva Linux Projects ---- Online only Online & Phone (subjective to project)
Product Announcement Roadmap ---- Yes Yes
News Flashes/News Letters Yes Yes Yes
Web Listing of Partner ---- Yes Yes
Joint PR ---- ---- Yes
Product & Company Presentations ---- Yes Yes
Competitor Products Comparison Presentations ---- Yes Yes
Product Sheets PDF PDF PDF and Hard Copy
Mandriva Products Comparison Sheet Yes Yes Yes
Posters/ Stickers/ Mouse Pads PDF PDF PDF and Hard Copy
Box Design Layout ** ---- ---- Yes
Support at Conferences and Other Events ---- ---- Yes, (subjective to availability)
Partner Marketing Opportunity ---- ---- Yes, (subjective to business plan)

* only for OEM partners.
** only applicable at the time of volume purchase

The exclusive Platinum Membership include all the benefits of gold plus some additional benefits. eg.

Mandriva Personalized URL ---- ---- Yes, depends upon availability & results
Personalized Mandriva Email ---- ---- Yes, depends upon availability & results

To extend your level from Gold to Platinum, please contact us


Partner Membership Requirements
  • Annual Program Fee : Standard-free; Silver-$599 annually; Gold-$1,499 annually.

  • Website : Partner must have a functioning website.

  • Business Plan : Gold partners will be required to have a business plan.

  • Revenue Commitment : Gold Members must have annual Mandriva purchases, subject to channel chosen.

  • Contract : One year contract, revisable annually specifying the basis of the partnership.
Base Benefits
  • Mandriva Partner Certification : All Mandriva partners have an option to become Mandriva Certified Partner by holding a current MPC. The normal price for MPC*, including the Certification Kit is $1999.
  • *MPC: Mandriva Partners Cetificate.

  • Partner Online Platform : Free access to partner online platform where the partner can find discounts on Mandriva products, services and goodies.

    • Mandriva Software Box : discounts on Mandriva Software Boxes.

    • LPI Mandriva Training Kit : discounts on Mandriva Training Kits.

    • Instructor's packs :

         - Introduction to Linux.
         - Real-time Programming with Linux
         - Linux Networks Administration.
         - Linux Advanced Systems Administration.
         - Linux Systems Administration.
         - Programming of Peripheral Pilots.
         - Linux Advanced Systems.

    • Mandriva Goodies : Discounts on goodies sold on Mandriva Store, (t-shirts, keys, bags....) from

    • Mandriva Club Resell : Discounts on the user Club Resell.

  • Mandriva Partner Welcome Kit (Not For Resale) : The Welcome Partner Kit includes the full range of Mandriva products :
    • PERSONAL Product Range :
      - Discovery
      - PowerPack
      - PowerPack+
      - Move
    • PROFESSIONAL Product Range :
      - MNF 2
      - Corporate Server 3.0
      - Corporate Desktop
    - Silver partners can choose 2 products from Personal range.
    - Gold partners can choose 2 products from Personal and 2 products from Professional.

    * For detailed product information please visit

  • Partner Knowledge Base Wiki : Access to Mandriva Partner Club Forum, access to the knowledge base, where partners obtain advice, or leave suggestions in Partner's Chat Rooms...

  • Mandriva Product Maintenance Account : Access to Mandriva's online account for updates / bugfixes / patches / new drivers etc.

  • Credit Term : Subject to pre-defined terms & conditions as mentioned in payment terms.

  • Beta/Community Software : Partners will have access to all new beta software much in advance, before the official product release.

  • Product Customization * : Partners will be allowed to participate in developing the software with the R&D department and the Quality Assurance labs of Mandriva for customized applications development.

  • Status as Authorized Mandriva Partner : Obtain official Certificate as Authorized Partner.

  • Partner Workshops : Partner knowledge workshop will be conducted regularly.
    - Commercial workshop/-Technical workshop.

  • Volume Discount Pricing Option : To find full information about features and benefits of PSMP, please visit

  • Authorization to Display Partner Logo : According to level subscription, partners may be allowed to use The Mandriva affiliated logo on their website, point of sales material, stationery...

  • OEM Program ** : Special partner program for OEMs to increase their benefits.

  • LPI Approved Sample Training Material : Free access to Mandriva sample training material.

  • Hardware Certification Kit ** : Special OEM kit designed for self-certification.

  • * customization & pricing will be defined by R&D manager.
    ** only for OEM partners..
Development Support Benefits
  • Dedicated Manager : Specific attention to each partner with a Personal Mandriva dedicated manager.

  • Mandriva Manual/Guide : Tools to help you better understand Linux and its functionalities.

  •    - Mandriva Linux The definitive Guide - 10.1
       - Server Essentials Handbook

  • Priority Mandriva Support * : One-on-one support by an experienced Mandriva engineer to be provided to partners on a priority basis.

  • Direct Communication with Marketing & Sales Team : Direct communication, via email and phone, with the marketing and sales team to help develop business opportunities and provide necessary support.

  • Pre-sales Consultancy on Mandriva Linux Projects ** : Partners will be allowed to interact with our Consultancy team (on specific projects).

  • Product Announcement Roadmap : Preview to all the new launches and road map of the entire product range.

  • News Flashes/News Letters : Receive the latest information on future releases on Mandriva software, new promotions, latest news... All delivered directly to you via email.

    * support scope & pricing will be defined by support manager
    ** consultancy & pricing will be defined by consultancing team.
Co-Marketing Opportunities
  • Web Listing of Partner : To enhance global visibility, authorized partners will be listed on Mandriva's web site.

  • Joint Public Relations : Take advantage of being more visible and of having more communication through a joint press release with Mandriva.

  • Product & Company Presentations : Priority access to Mandriva's products presentations.

  • Competitor Products Comparison Presentation : Updated on-line comparison of competitors' products.

  • Product Sheets : Receive detailed technical aspects of the products and selling arguments.

  • Mandriva Products Comparison Sheet : Feature differences among Mandriva's products.

  • Posters / Stickers / Mouse Pads : Enhance your point of sales or presentation with Mandriva's posters, stickers and mouse pads.

  • Box Design Layout * : Access to the Mandriva design department for consultancy and authorization to use our Box design (locally).

  • Support at Conferences and Other Events : Discuss the possibility of support from Mandriva representatives at your local events and conferences. Final graphic layout will be validated by Design & Marketing team.

  • Partner Marketing Opportunity : The possibility to be supported by Mandriva in local marketing efforts through Marketing Development Fund (MDF). Percentage fund to be allocated according to partner's revenue generation on a quarterly basis.

  • * only applicable at the time of volume purchase
Platinum Level Benefits
  • Mandriva Personalized URL : Partners may be allowed to have a personalized URL to be more visible in their country. It will depend upon availability, results and value creation. e.g. http:/

  • Personalized Mandriva Email : Partner may have Partner's own personal Mandriva email. It will depend upon availability, results and value creation. e.g.

Mandriva reserves the right to revise program specifications without notice.

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