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Mandriva Partner Program

Partner Program
Already familiar with or about to enter the Linux market? Our partnership programs can truly help you capitalize on your products and services.
When you become a Mandriva partner, you gain access to full support and assistance for all of your project cycle needs - including research, development, sales and marketing opportunities and professional services according to the level.

Sign up now for a partner account, and access all the benefits of a privileged relationship with Mandriva. Partner downloads

To receive an immediate response with more information, please send an email to .

Program Requirements
The Mandriva Partner Programs have several benefits, depending on the level of membership.

The "Standard" partnership level is free and it has limited benefits and advantages. More about this level.

The next level of partnership, "Silver", has an annual fee of $599 and is subject to the signature of a contract. More about this level.

The "Gold" membership has an annual fee of $1,499, and there are some requirements like to have a website, a business plan. There's also a minimum commitment of revenue annually, subject to channel chosen. Finally the contract is signed for one year. More about this level.

The Platinum membership is exclusive. For more information, please .

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Partnership FAQ
 See our FAQ

Direct Access
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Euronext (MAKE.PA) :
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