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Become a Mandriva Partner

Mandriva Training Centers distribute our Linux Training Courses worldwide.

How it works...

- No subscription fees
- Select and purchase the instructor kits and updates for your centers every six months
- Order student manuals as needed according to inscription demand


- Market your training center via the Mandriva website
- Official certification for Training Center, Instructor, and Students
- Offer Mandriva promotional gifts and discounts to your students

To Join...

- Register to become a Mandriva Partner
- Review and sign Mandriva Quality Charters
- Submit an order form
- Endorse Mandriva training partnership contract

And for Universities...

Mandriva offers a special partnership for public Universities and educational Institutions wishing to incorporate the Mandriva curriculum into their high tech course offerings. Visit the Universities link for more details or contact Mandriva directly at training at mandrakesoft dot com.