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Mandriva VAR partnership program

Welcome to the Value Added Reseller section.Optimize your revenue with Mandriva!

*    VAR partnership

Mandriva and its VAR partners constantly create value and develop commercial opportunities. Mandriva has designed a partnership program transforming the relationship between a publisher and integrators/service providers into a win-win cooperation for both parties.
Your business can take advantage of this program's benefits and Mandriva's commitment to providing its VAR network with value.

On this website, you can access a secure purchase platform, discount prices and Mandriva VAR program's requirements. Register now

VAR certifications

The definitive agreement of the VAR partnership contract makes your company a Mandriva Authorized Reseller. But do you know that together we can accomplish more than that ?

The following is a list of the VAR certification options:

1) VAR certification
Certified Reseller: This is a product certification delivered by Mandriva. This certification signifies that your company is member of our network of select resellers.

2) Technological certification
Mandriva Technology Certified Reseller: This is a global or product-specific certification, designed for partners who wish to work more closely, technologically speaking, with Mandriva.

3) Commercial certification
Mandriva Certified Distributor: This title is awarded to partners whose amount of sales has become a reference for Mandriva's VAR network thanks to impressive know-how and figures.

4) The Extended Mandriva Alliance
Mandriva's Most Valued Partner: This certification level applies to members who benefit from a closer relationship with Mandriva, based on mutual business commitment and resulting in great synergies and co-operations.

To take advantage of our VAR partnership program you must create a partner account.

 Create your VAR account

Partner contact
  Call +1 951 341-6937 or
email us at

Direct Access
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