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Partnering with Mandriva


Partnering with Mandriva
Mandriva provides business partners with the technological expertise, experience and know-how of a leader in Open Source technology.

 Partner Program
 Partner FAQ

Partner channels
Software developers and editors looking to capitalize on the rapid growth of the Linux market. More...
Value Added Reseller and System Integrators that need direct access to permanent and economically attractive solutions. More...
Hardware manufacturers wishing to pre-load the Mandriva Linux operating system on their retailed computer. More...
Training Centers and Universities interested in offering our world class Mandriva Linux Training Curriculum. More...
Wholesalers and retailers wishing to sell Mandriva products.More...

Partnership levels
The partner program offers a broad range of benefits depending on the level: Standard, Silver, Gold & Platinum
 Features and Benefits

To learn more about the program
 Download the Partner program sheet (PDF)

Mandriva Partner Logos

Standard level Silver level Gold level
Partner contact
  Call +1 951 341-6937 or
email us at
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Registered Partners

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Direct Access
The Personalized Solutions and Maintenance Program allows organizations to reduce the costs related to evaluating, acquiring, implementing, and maintaining eBusiness software. More ....