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Mandriva's Awards

Awards for our Distribution

The Mandriva Linux distribution has quickly become accepted by a huge community of users worldwide -- and this just happens to be the best award we could ever wish for.

Mandriva began its life when the first Mandriva Linux distribution was released in 1999. We further refined it and released it as Mandriva Linux 6.0. It was during this same time that we decided to attend the '99 Linux Expo at San Jose, California. At the Expo, Linux-Mandriva received LinuxWorld Editor Awards for " Product of the Year" and best "Distribution/Server". The distribution was also selected as finalist for best "Distribution/Client" -- and this was just the beginning of our new company!

"PC Answers" is a British magazine that gave us their Platinum Award after testing the product in September 2000.

The Duke Of URL reviews all major Linux distributions. Mandriva Linux received their Editor's Choice Award for the 7.1 and 7.2 releases.

Mandriva Linux 7.1 Desktop received Linux Magazine's Editor's Choice Award in September 2000.

CHIP Magazine, an important technology magazine in Germany, awarded Linux Mandriva 7.2 product in its January 2001 release!

Mandriva Linux 8.0 was awarded CNET's Editor's Choice in June 2001. As Stated by CNET, "An Editors' Choice award signifies a product that is the best of breed in its category, the standard by which all other similar products will be judged. It's not enough, however, that a product just be better than the competition. An Editors' Choice product must also change the competitive landscape of its market."This award is a wonderful recognition of Mandriva's innovative user friendly approach.

In early july 2001, the leading Spanish PC magazine "PC Actual" reviewed the latest Linux distributions launched in Spain.
Mandriva Linux PowerPack Edition 8.0 won a rating of 8,5 out of 10, the best one, thus obtaining a "Recommended product" stamp usable on all the spanish boxes.

For the first edition of its annual Open Choice Awards, Open for Business chose Mandriva Linux 8.2 as 2002 Best Linux Distribution.
Open For Business is an online resource dedicated to providing IT workers with valuable information on migrating to Open Source solutions. "We feel that Mandriva has kept a clear lead in usability above the other distributions" stated OfB's editorial staff. They also explained: "Mandriva clearly shines over the UnitedLinux distributions by sticking with the community's proven formula - Open Source/Free Software."

The Open For Business website has awarded Mandriva twice in its September 2003 edition: Mandriva Club obtained the award for "Best GNU/Linux Value Add Service" and Mandriva Linux 9.1 was chosen "Best Linux Distribution". This wasn't the first time Mandriva Linux received the highest accolade from OFB, but it was a first for Mandriva Club.
"We feel [...] that Mandriva Club's wide, and growing, array of features make it an excellent choice for the award. Among other things, it offers access to new releases of software without having to wait for the next distribution release cycle, special mirror links to avoid the rush for new distribution release downloads, discounts on useful products such as Win4Lin and a directory of over 50,000 Mandriva Linux packages ready to install", stated the staff.

Sudhian Media is an IT company dedicated to bringing the highest quality news and product reviews. They operate the Sfftech.com website which focuses on small form factor devices. They reviewed the combination of the Shuttle SB62G2 and Mandriva Linux Discovery. They liked the association.
"The combination of the SB62G2 and Mandriva Linux offers rock-solid reliability and a server or office desktop solution whose price is hard to beat. (...) At last there is a realistic alternative to the beige box and Windows - and we encourage you to try it. For this reason, we award the SB62G2/Mandriva combination our SSFTech Recommend Product award" Learn more

Personal Computer World

In March 2004, Personal Computer World performed a group test on several Linux distributions. Mandriva Linux was awarded the Editor's choice, obtaining five stars. The review said: "Mandrivalinux has always tried to be a user-friendly distribution, and is often cited as the best for beginners. Unlike competition from Lindows and Lycoris, Mandriva is still firmly and clearly Linux, and is a large system." Learn more.

" Mandriva Club has taken this honor each year of our awards because it remains a unique offering among the increasingly service oriented distribution companies. Simply put, Mandrivaclub provides the best bang for the buck, in our opinion."
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" Mandriva Linux 10.0 Official Edition PowerPack+ is the only distribution we have tested that properly detected a variety of both nVidia and ATI video cards that required their respective proprietary drivers. Mandrivalinux is also the distribution we found offered the best selection of kernels for particular needs, the best coverage of post-installation configuration tools for hardware and software and the convenient inclusion of a graphically administered server installation CD set, in addition to the DVD-ROM desktop edition."
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Awards for our website

The Mandriva Linux website was selected as one of the Top 100 Linux websites in the June 2000 issue of Linux Magazine.
It also is Editor's choice in the Open Directory Project.