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Web developer (PHP/MySQL)

Szczegóły pracy

Wtorek 09 Maj 2006
Rodzaj pracy: Internship
Początek: ASAP
Okres: 6 months minimum
Lokalizacja: Paris

Podsumowanie zadań

Being part of the "online services team", you will be tasked to design, develop, maintain and fix various web appliances related to our online services (Club, Store, Online, Kiosk) and our internal services.


Wymagania zawodowe:
  • working knowledge of PHP, MySQL, Javascript, XHTML, CSS (perl, ruby, bash, python a plus);

  • good knowledge of database design and management;

  • object-oriented and MVC programming understanding;

  • knowledge of a Linux working environment (Mandriva Linux a plus);

  • ability to understanding exising software architectures fast.

Wymagania osobiste:
  • enthusiasm for open-source software engineering;

  • interest in complex online services design and development;

  • good communication and team work skills in a fast-paced environment;

  • English speaking; French is a plus.


Please contact rh-online at mandriva.com