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Mandriva and NEC Computers to deliver joint solutions for the Education and Public markets

Czwartek 15 Grudzień 2005:

December 15th, Mandriva, the number one European Linux publisher, and NEC Computers, one of Europe's leading hardware manufacturers, announce an agreement to develop joint solutions allowing customers to benefit from NEC's innovative products and Mandriva's easy-to-use operating systems. Mandriva and NEC will work together on hardware certifications as well as on building a program addressing the needs of the corporate, education and public markets.

Mandriva and Lacie Introduce GlobeTrotter 2.0, an 80GB Portable Linux Desktop

Czwartek 24 Listopad 2005:
  • Bus-powered USB drive with pre-loaded specific Mandriva Linux version

  • Best for Linux users who want a portable Linux desktop

  • New for Windows users who want to test Linux without modifying their OS

November 24th, 2005 - Today Mandriva and LaCie introduce a mobile USB hard drive pre-loaded with a specially tuned version of the award-winning Mandriva Linux operating system: the GlobeTrotter2.0 in 40GB or 80GB. Combined with the power and unique design of LaCie hardware, GlobeTrotter allows users to turn any computer into their personal Linux desktop. Following the introduction of first-generation GlobeTrotters by Mandriva last year in Europe, LaCie received significant response and will now offer this second-generation GlobeTrotter through its own worldwide dealer network.

Worldwide Install Party: Mandriva to rally its community of users in 65 towns across the globe, on November 19

Wtorek 15 Listopad 2005:

30 towns from China and Brazil will participate in the event.
Mandriva, the number one European Linux publisher, will gather its community of users across the globe during a worldwide install party on Saturday, November 19th.
Following the release of Mandriva Linux 2006, Mandriva is mobilizing its network of Linux User Groups (LUGs). Free community installation sessions will take place around the world. Major participating locations include the United States, Brazil, Canada, China, Moroco, and the island of Reunion.
More than 60 cities are involved, including a dozen in China and 15 in Brazil.

Mandriva releases 2006 convergence products, extends innovation (Zestawienie)

Piątek 14 Październik 2005:

October 13th, 2005: In accordance with its commitment to empowering users worldwide with the most innovative Linux operating system, Mandriva today released Mandriva 2006. The new version of the company's flagship product merges pioneer technologies from Conectiva and Lycoris, as well as spanning for the first time a one-year release cycle.

Mandriva announces the availability of a Dell Laptop pre-loaded With Mandriva Linux for students in France

Poniedziałek 19 Wrzesień 2005:

September, 26th. Mandriva, the number one European Linux publisher, today announces the availability of a Dell Laptop pre-loaded With Mandriva Linux.
Dell is leveraging its Custom Factory Integration capabilities to offer French students from Universities an “n-series” Latitude 110L notebook with a Linux-based OS called Mandriva.

The Latitude 110Ln with the Linux-based operating system is limited to a French Ministry of Education program available only to students in universities.

This is a France-only offering and the direct model allows Dell to customize localized solutions based on customer needs.

The association - a first for the two companies - represents a milestone in Mandriva's effort to make Linux even more accessible to customers, thanks to large OEM deals. Mandriva also counts HP in its portfolio of leading manufacturers.

HP releases new Mandriva laptops (in French) (Products)

Wtorek 30 Sierpień 2005:

HP releases new Mandriva laptops (in French)

Mandriva to support top European insurance company MACIF (business)

Poniedziałek 25 Lipiec 2005:

June 29th, 2005: Mandriva announces a new support contract with MACIF, a major European personal insurance company, with a total of 4.5 million subscribers.

New Mandriva MNF2 offers enterprise-class all-in-one security and infrastructure solution (Products)

Wtorek 19 Lipiec 2005:

Mandriva, formerly Mandrakesoft, today announced the second versions of its comprehensive infrastructure and security system Multi Network Firewall

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Wtorek 19 Lipiec 2005:

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Not available in this language (Products)

Wtorek 19 Lipiec 2005:

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