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Mandriva Linux 10 - ISV Anti-Virus Applications

*   BitDefender for Linux

Company: Softwin Software
Product: BitDefender for Linux
Version: 1.5
Version type: Demonstration,
  full version available for purchase at Mandriva Store!

BitDefender offers a complete range of products dedicated to Linux Environment. It protects your network in real-time against more than 90,000 Windows, DOS, Linux, Unix, macro viruses, and Trojans. BitDefender for Linux Mail servers - SMTP- offers advanced management features for any mail server running with Linux, for every type of SMTP client. BitDefender also offers dedicated modules to Sendmail, Qmail and PostFix programs, in order to keep your server protected without altering server perfomances.

*   Dr Web

Company name: ID Antivirus Lab Co. Ltd.
Product name:
- Dr.Web for mailserver
- Dr.Web for fileserver
- Dr.Web antivirus scanner (command line)
Version number: 4.31.3
License type: Commercial
Version type: Demonstration version with limited functions
Description: Antivirus program
Systems requirements: IA32

*   Kaspersky

Company: Kaspersky Labs
Product: Kaspersky
Version type: demonstration,
 full version available for purchase at Mandriva Store!

Premier protection against viruses, hackers and spam, for home users, small and medium businesses and corporate customers. Users worldwide choose Kaspersky Labs' products for exceptional detection rates, timely virus analysis, and quality services.

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