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Mandriva Linux 10 - ISV Emulator applications

*   CrossOver Office

Company: CodeWeavers, Inc.
Product: CrossOver Office
Version: 2.1.0.
License: Commercial

Version type: Demonstration,
 full license available for purchase at Mandriva Store.

*   PowerTerm InterConnect

Company name: Ericom Software
Product name: PowerTerm InterConnect (Linux edition)
Version number : 7.1.1
License type: Commercial
Version type: 30-day evaluation with full functionality
PowerTerm InterConnect (Linux Edition) is the complete Linux and Unix solution for legacy host access. PowerTerm InterConnect supports over 30 different emulation types and a wide range of hosts including IBM AS/400, IBM Mainframe, Unix, Linux, OpenVMS, Tandem, and HP-3000. Features include SSH/SSL, Kerberos, Single Sign On, graphical keyboard mapping and more.

*   Win4Lin

Company: NeTraverse, Inc.
Product: Win4Lin
Version: 5.0
Version type: demonstration,
 full licence available for purchase at Mandriva Store.
Important note: Get 20% discount on this product from the 4th of May, 2004. Offer for Mandriva Club members only!

Win4Lin enables Linux users to run popular Windows programs at native speeds without additional hardware or the need to dual boot, dramatically improving productivity and reducing hardware and OS license upgrade cost.

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