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Mandriva Linux 10 - ISP Manager Applications

*   42go ISP-Manager

Company: projektfarm GmbH
Product: 42go ISP-Manager
Version: 1.3.3
License type: Commercial
Version type: Full commercial version with limited usage in time (trial edition)
42go ISP Manager is a Linux/FreeBSD Web server management solution (control panel). It can manage reseller administration, Apache Web server administration, sendmail/postfix, an FTP server, a POP3 auto-responder, MySQL client databases, Webalizer statistics, disk-quotas, mail-quotas, IP addresses, SSL, SSI, shell access, anti-virus mail scanning, and spam filtering (with SpamAssassin).

System requirements:
-i386 compatible CPU
-Apache Webserver version 1.3.12 or later / 2.0.40 or later
-Sendmail or Postfix
-Quota Package
-ProFTP as standalone version or vsftpd as inetd/xinetd/standalone version
-Php 4.0.5 or newer as Apache module
-MySQL data base
-a POP3/IMAP daemon that supports either the traditional Unix-Mailbox format (e.g. gnu-pop3d, qpopper, ipop3d, popa3d or vm-pop3d) or the Maildir format (e.g. Courier-Imap)
-OpenSSL and mod_ssl for the creation of SSL virtual hosts

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