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Mandriva Linux 10 ISV Applications - Video Editing

*   MainActor

Company: MainConcept Multimedia
Product: MainActor
Version type: Demonstration

Summary: MainActor v5 combines a large number of highend functions in one product. The numerous novelties include the track-based interface and the customizable workspaces, multi-user support as well as working on multiple timelines simultaneously. Furthermore, MainActor v5 offers an easy access to all important features. The new capture module enables the user to record digital videos via FireWire, and analog footage from a multitude of different interfaces. Innumerable effects, filters and transitions, including slow-motion and time warp features, allow the user to produce high-quality videos. MainActor v5 also includes the MainConcept MPEG Encoder with its numerous advanced settings which enable you to generate output files for the common formats, such as VCD, SVCD and even DVD.

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