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Mandriva Linux 10.0 Main features

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Core Features
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Mandriva Linux 10.0 is based on Linux kernel 2.6.3 and offers the most advanced Linux features currently available -- in terms of technology as well as the most up-to-date software. New features includes higher performance and scalability for servers, greater interoperability with the Windows world, plus numerous improvements & refinements to the user interface.

The ideal complement to any Mandriva Linux product is a membership to Mandriva Club which offers a wide range of benefits including access to more than 50,000 applications that run on Mandriva Linux, plus a wide assortment of privileges, including the download of commercial Mandriva Linux ISO images for Silver members and above. Subscribing to the Mandriva Club is also the best way to support Mandrivalinux development.

System overview

Mandriva Linux 10.0 features the following software:

Kernel 2.6.3
XFree86 4.3
Glibc 2.3.3 with Native POSIX Threads Library (NPTL) support
GCC 3.3.2
Apache 2.0.48, Samba 3.0.2, MySQL 4.0.18
ProFTPD 1.2.9, Postfix 2.0.18, OpenSSH 3.6.1p2
KDE 3.2, GNOME 2.4.2, IceWM 1.2.13 1.1, KOffice 1.3, Gnumeric 1.2.6
Mozilla 1.6, The GIMP 1.2.5, XMMS 1.2.9

Mandriva Linux 10.0 is optimized for Pentium and higher processors (and compatibles), and therefore does not run on earlier x86 processors.

Mandriva Linux 10.0's core features...

  A mostly automated installation procedure

  On the desktop: Mandrivagalaxy II, and MagicDev

  Improved configuration, extended hardware support

  Simplified system maintenance

  Easy Printing with CUPS

  Top-level Security

  Available in more than 60 languages

  Recommended hardware

  All available packages

  Prices and ordering

A mostly automated installation procedure

Mandriva's installation process has long been the most widely respected installer in the Linux field, yet we've made it even simpler and more powerful. 10.0 offers great new features such as the capability to resize NTFS hard-disk partitions, and automatic printer detection and setup.

The graphical installer offers a modern look & feel with consistent layout and anti-aliased fonts.
The default installation process is mostly automated. The individual phases are highly intuitive, and most hardware devices are automatically recognized and configured. Power users can access advanced configuration options at any point of the installation.
The 'type' of installation can be tailored as a desktop or server-oriented system by choosing from various package group categories.
Installation is possible by various methods such as Network installation, CD or DVD installation.
54 languages are supported during installation.
In addition to being able to resize NTFS partitions, the installation procedure provides many unique features such as offering various file systems (including journalized file systems EXT3, ReiserFS, XFS, and encrypted file systems), setting up RAID disks, and resizing MS-Windows FAT32 partitions.
Various network file systems are also supported such as NFS, SMB and WebDAV.
The upgrade mode has again been improved to be more trouble-free.
The "auto-install" tool is a convenient way to effortlessly duplicate server and workstation installations.
An easy-to-use rescue mode is available in case of any problems with a system.

Installation is now mostly automated.

Make your choice: desktop, server or... both?

The installation procedure supports an
impressive number of languages.

All configuration options are summarized and may be
modified at the end of the installation process.

On the desktop: "Mandrivagalaxy" II look & feel and MagicDev!

Mandriva Linux 10.0 offers a refined desktop look & feel with the Mandrivagalaxy II theme to provide ergonomic consistency between all applications in KDE and GNOME. Easy to read anti-aliased fonts are used in most applications. With its focus on usability, Mandriva Linux 10.0 has all the potential to deliver Linux to the widest audience of computer users.

The Mandrivagalaxy II theme provides visual consistency between KDE and GNOME applications. This theme was written from scratch to be fast and light in memory.
KDE and GNOME are the default graphical desktop environments. Mandriva Linux 10.0 also features WindowMaker, IceWM and others as options.
High-quality printing is a snap with the Common Unix Printing System.
All Mandriva Linux users will be pleased to discover a new menu organization which offers consistancy across the various graphical desktop environments.
The "Mandrivafirsttime" wizard allows new users to easily configure a graphical desktop environment and email client, as well as subscribe to Mandriva Club.
Unique features make unique products: The Mandriva Linux desktops are dynamic. This means, for instance, that when a new software package is installed or removed, the corresponding icon appears or disappears instantaneously in the application menu. This same "dynamic" feature also applies to hardware devices: Plug in a USB scanner or WebCam and a corresponding icon appears automatically on the desktop.
Another advanced feature in Mandriva Linux 10.0 is "magicdev" which lets users access removable media (CD-ROM, floppy, Zip, etc.) instantaneously and transparently without having to use the traditional "mount/umount" commands. Magicdev can also launch an appropriate application when a CD or DVD is inserted in the drive.



Mandrivagalaxy II offers a professional and consistent look&feel
between applications.

Plug in a USB device and an icon appears...

Improved configuration, extended hardware support

For years Mandriva Linux has been a premier distribution in regards to supporting the largest variety of hardware and with its ability to automatically detect and configure new hardware devices. Several configuration utilities including PrinterDrake, DrakSec, DrakePerm and UserDrake have been totally revamped to offer enhanced features and functionalities.

The new Mandriva Linux Control Center provides a single location to access all the important hardware and system configuration utilities. The Mandriva Linux Control Center includes an extensive selection of graphical utilities and wizards for quickly and easily setting up many popular services, including the Apache web server, Postfix email server, Shorewall firewall utility, and many others.
The Mandriva Linux Control Center now shows all of its actions, either in a small window, or in the /var/log/explanations log file. Webmin provides the ability to safely configure a Mandriva Linux system remotely through a secure web interface -- even over the Internet.
Most of the latest printers are supported with the Common Unix Printing System (CUPS).
Hot-plug support allows you to plug in new hardware and have it automatically recognized and configured while the system is running.
ACPI support for better power management with laptops.
Zeroconf allows two computers running Mandriva Linux 10.0 or Mandriva Linux 9.x to automatically configure their network settings.
Support for a number of WiFi devices.
Additional drivers for NVIDIA-based and ATI videocards are available in Mandriva Linux packs and Mandriva Club ISO images.
Additional drivers for several brands of Winmodems are available in the Discovery, PowerPack, PowerPack+ and Mandriva Club ISO images.

The new Mandriva Linux Control Center (MCC):
a single place for hardware and system configuration.

Security configuration in the MCC.

Software configuration in the MCC.

Network configuration in the MCC.

Simplified System Maintenance

All operating systems require a certain level of maintenance to remain secure and up-to-date. Mandriva Linux 10.0 provides many tools and utilities to facilitate the most common system administration tasks.

Our set of URPMI tools (urpmi, urpme) combined with the Software Manager and MandrivaUpdate utilities provided everything needed to easily install and uninstall software packages either with a few typed commands or with a few clicks of the mouse. The Software Management System resolves software dependencies automatically and performs system security updates through the Internet. Both the Software Manager and MandrivaUpdate have been completely reworked to provide the easiest software management system ever.
A new DrakConnect tool is available to manage all Internet connections.
"Mandrivaonline", an advisory and updating service, can now be monitored and managed through a dynamic icon on the desktop panel.
Mandriva Linux 10.0 Official professional packs also feature several new management tools, including DrakPark (software management over a corporate network), DrakUPS (UPS management), DrakVPN (VPN management), and DrakFax (FAX server).

Locating and installing new applications
is easy with RPMDrake.

Registered Club Members can install a large number of
commercial applications over the network.

UserDrake manages users on the system and offers
expiration options for logins and passwords.

Available in more than 60 languages

Since Linux is truly an international effort, Mandriva Linux has always encouraged localization and internationalization efforts. With version 10.0, Mandriva Linux supports the largest number of languages ever: The Mandriva Linux installer and the Mandrivalinux configuration tools completely (or partially) support 66 different languages, from Afrikaans to Welsh.

Many other applications, such as KDE, GNOME and, also support a wide variety of languages.

A wide variety of languages are supported.

Recommended hardware for Mandriva Linux 10.0

A complete list of supported hardware is available at

Processor: an x586-class or above processor is required. This includes Intel Pentium I/II/III/IV, AMD K6/II/III, AMD Duron, AMD Athlon/XP/MP. SMP multi-processor machines are supported. (*)
Memory: at least 64 MB is required (32 MB for text-install); 128 MB or more is recommended.
Hard disks: IDE and SCSI hard disks are supported.
Hard disk size: At least 500MB is required, 1GB is recommended.
Serial ATA: Most controllers are supported in non-RAID mode.
SCSI controllers: most SCSI controllers are supported (Adaptec, Tekram, LSI Logic, Advansys...).
RAID controllers: most RAID controllers are supported, excepted for IDE and Serial-ATA. 3Ware IDE and Serial-ATA RAID controllers are supported though.
USB and USB 2.0: most USB devices are supported.
CD-ROM and DVD-ROM drives and burners: Most IDE, SCSI, PCMCIA, IEEE 1394/FireWire models are supported (this includes DVD+RW and DVD-RW).
Graphic cards: Most ISA, PCI and AGP cards are supported, including VESA, NVidia, ATI(TM), 3DFX, SIS, S3, Matrox, Intel i865G, i85x, i81x i845G, Trident. 3D acceleration is available for Matrox G200/G400/G500, Voodoo III/V/Banshee, Intel i8XX, ATI Rage 128/Pro & Radeon, Nvidia (GeForce and Nforce).
Network adapters: All cards based on Intel, Realtek, 3COM, NVIDIA, Broadcom chipsets, and USB adapters are supported. Most PCMCIA, PCI and USB wireless network cards are supported. Most modems, RNIS, DSL and wireless devices are supported. Most "WinModems" are not supported.
Printers: Most printers are supported. Most "WinPrinters" are not supported.
Sound Cards: All Sound Blaster-compatible soundcards, Sound Blaster/Ensoniq (Audigy, Live), X Wave, Crystal, Intel, AMD, NVIDIA force, VIA, CMI C-Media, ESS Maestro, Yamaha YMF744, Terratec, AC'97.
Laptops: Most laptops are supported.
Misc.: Numerous TV cards, all Wacom graphics tablets, many scanners, most web cams, digital cameras and FireWire devices are supported.

(*)A version of Mandriva Linux 10.0 for Athlon64 is released separately.

Packages available in Mandriva Linux 10.0

Due to the length of the list, it's available separately.

Get Mandriva Linux 10.0 now

  • Mandriva Linux 10.0 Official is available as a DVD at Mandriva
  • Standard download ISO images are available in advance for Club members and contributors.
  • Commercial ISO images are also available for Club members (silver membership and above).
  • The range of Mandriva Linux 10.0 Official packs provide documentation, support, third-party software and several additional professional features such as the Kolab server and several network management tools. Mandriva Club Silver Members and above get access to several ISO images of these products.

    Mandriva Linux 10.0 Official packs are available right now for order at Mandriva

    Or become now a Mandriva Linux Club Member and download your commercial Mandrivalinux 10.0 Official ISOs!

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