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Mandriva Linux 10.1 Community

  Community 10.1

Version 10.1 of Mandriva Linux Community has arrived. Community is the branch of the operating system dedicated to those who want the latest features at the soonest opportunity.
10.1 Community provides unparalleled hardware support together with extended integration of mobile and wireless technologies such as Bluetooth and WIFI. Other key features include GNOME 2.6, enhanced laptop support and new compilers for even greater performance. Users keen on all things "Advanced" need not look any further.

WIFI WIFI and Intel® Centrino™ technologies
Enjoy access to the full scale of WIFI technology and mobile computing, from easy wireless networking to PDA and smartphone synchronization. The integration of Intel® Centrino™ drivers lets you completely take advantage of mobile capabilities of new generation notebooks.
Laptop Extended Laptop support
10.1 Community is the first Linux operating system to offer advanced, yet user friendly, power management for laptops, including detection and configuration of ACPI, CPU frequency control, and seamless switching between wired/wireless modes. Additionally, users will benefit from better support of Synaptics Touchpads.
Bluetooth Bluetooth
Exchanging data wirelessly with mobile devices, such as phones or PDAs, is a snap.
The newest version of this leading graphical environment offers improvements in the user interface, general stability and speed, and the built-in help system.
KDE KDE 3.2.3
Mandriva Linux 10.1 offers by default version 3.2.3 of this popular desktop environment. 3.2 was chosen to maximize stability, but KDE 3.3 is also provided on the 10.1 Community DVD and to Mandriva Club members.
Compilers Built for speed and comfort
10.1 Community features many under-the-hood changes, including a new compiler (GCC 3.4) and a new device manager (udev) for speed and stability. 10.1 is fast and enables developers to build fast applications quicker, thanks to GCC's "compiled headers" functionality.

 The 10.1 Community DVD providing additional commercial software and proprietary drivers is available for purchase on Mandriva Store.
 Activate the following link to find Bittorrent locations for Mandriva Club members and 10.1 contributors.
The ideal complement to any Mandriva product is Mandriva Club. For more information, click here.
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