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Mandriva Discovery - Advantages of Linux

10.1 Discovery
It's easy
Advantages of Linux
Mandriva Discovery

Your First Linux Desktop

Advantages of Linux

Linux is growing exponentially - everyday, it is installed on thousands of desktops and servers. There is a reason why so many people already have or are about to make the switch to Linux - in a number of ways, it's just better. Find out why Linux is a superior alternative.
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Linux is stable

Linux is really, really stable. You can leave your computer turned on for months on end and it won't crash.

Linux is secure

Bid farewell to viruses, annoying pop-ups and spyware! Linux is practically immune to all of those.

Linux is inexpensive

Linux is cheaper. At a price of EUR 45 / $49.50, Discovery includes a comprehensive set of applications, including an Office suite - it's not just a desktop and a file manager!

Linux supports a lot of hardware

Discovery automatically detects and configures a very wide range of devices, and runs on several architectures. Even better, it is fast on older hardware, which means you won't have to upgrade your hardware every other month.

Linux is Open Source

That means you have complete control over the software. If you need or want to change it, please go ahead!

Discovery also has great tools for Internet and Multimedia.

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