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Discovery - It's Easy!

10.1 Discovery
It's easy
Advantages of Linux
Mandriva Discovery

Your First Linux Desktop

It's easy!

Mandriva products are well-known for their ease-of-use. Discovery is no exception. You can install it in a matter of minutes. Everything is pre-configured, so you can immediately get started. We did our best to design a system that makes using computers as simple as possible.

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Easy to install

Simply turn on your computer and pop in your Discovery CD. The installation handbook will walk you through the process. We've minimized the number of choices you have to make. Just click through a few questions and your brand new Linux system will be at your disposal. Look at a screenshot.

Easy to configure

Discovery detects and configures your hardware automatically. There's no need to waste time with driver CDs and meaningless configuration menus. Discovery only asks you what it can't possibly figure out by itself.

Easy to use

Discovery has been designed for ease of use. To take an example : the menu is oriented around tasks, not around software applications. If you need to create a text document just choose "Use Office Tools" then "Create Text Document" - there's no need to wade through foot-long menus filled with meaningless names. And in case there's still a problem, don't worry : Discovery comes with free, time-limited technical support.

Still wondering why Linux is better?.
Discovery has great tools for Office, Multimedia and Internet.

Question? Read our FAQ.

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