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Mandriva Linux PowerPack+

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Small & Home Office Networks Made Easy

Targeted at the computer expert, PowerPack+ is the ideal solution for creating and managing small to medium sized networks. It offers a comprehensive Desktop, plus all the world-class server tools you'll need to build a powerful network or handle Internet development projects. This package is the only one to integrate a full-featured client & server groupware solution in its default installation.

Support & Services
 90 days of web server support plus 5 free phone server support incidents  
 1 free month of Silver Level Mandriva Club membership
 3 free months of Mandrivaonline Personal Solutions
 8 CDs and 1 DVD
 2 Manuals:
Starter Guide and Server Administration Guide
 Purchase Now

Groupware Icon Groupware

Combining the Kolab server and Kontact's client applications, the groupware solution offers all you need to work collaboratively. Enjoy functions such as email, group calendaring, contacts (private and shared Address Book), notes as well as tasks, all at a few clicks of the mouse.

Network Services Icon Groupware

Need to build a network with strong server services? Check what PowerPack+ has to offer:
 Database: Mysql, PostgreSQL
 Directory: LDAP
 File Sharing: NFS
 File and Device Sharing: Samba
 File Transfer: FTP, Bittorent
 Firewall: Shorewall
 Mail: Sendmail, Postfix
 Printing System: CUPS, LPRNG
 Proxy: Squid
 Web: Apache
 Samba, for providing file and print services to MS-Windows clients
Security Icon MCC

PowerPack+ embarks advanced security tools, such as Shorewall firewalling system and Prelude intrusion detection tool. The groupware solution at the heart of Powerpack+ has strong focus on security, as communication between the server and the clients is done via encrypted functions.
Interoperability Icon MCC

PowerPack+ is based on open standards and compatibility; it perfectly fits in heterogeneous environments, allowing for instance interaction with Windows® clients and applications such as Microsoft® Outlook.

Comprehensive Desktop Icon Internet

PowerPack+ integrates a comprehensive Desktop boasting Mandriva Linux's renowned ease of use, so users of your network enjoy a high level of productivity.

 Microsoft® Office compatible suite,

 Personal Information Manager: Kontact & Evolution
 Web Browsers: Mozilla & Konqueror

 Sound: Amarok & Rythmbox
 Video: Kaffeine & Totem Movie Player

Development tools
 GNU Compiler: GCC
 GNU Debugger: GDB
 Editors: Emacs, XEmacs or Vim

Customizable Icon Office

Use Powerpack+ expert tools to finely tune and customize configurations. Build the network that exactly answers your requirements.

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