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PowerPack - Networks and the Internet

10.1 PowerPack
Mandriva PowerPack

The Ultimate Linux Desktop

Using PowerPack for Network and Internet applications

Linux was born on the Internet - and it shows. HTTP and IP are native languages to a Linux system. You can, of course, browse the Web, in the most natural way, free of virus, pop-ups, spyware, and spam plagues. PowerPack has clients for nearly all network applications - from FTP to chat protocols to groupware systems. Its Linux nature makes all this transparent - you won't feel a difference between remote and local interactions. Graphical applications run smoothly over the network, and accessing remote file systems couldn't be easier. PowerPack brings you the Internet as it was meant to be.

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Browse the Web

There's choice: Mozilla and Konqueror are two full-featured Web browsers. Mozilla is quickly becoming the standard Linux web browser and Konqueror benefits from its full integration with the KDE desktop. Both are fast, efficient and secure. They have some features you won't be able to imagine doing without after you've started using them, like tabbed browsing and automatic pop-up blocking. Look at a screenshot.

Email and Groupware

Evolution and Kontact will help you handle your contacts, email, schedule and projects , and, they can connect to IMAP and POP servers. You don't have to choose between only those two: you can also try Mozilla Mail, Thunderbird or Sylpheed for your email.


Kopete and GAIM can connect to the ICQ, AOL, Yahoo!, MSN and Jabber networks, all within the same program. X-Chat is an advanced client for IRC.

Network clients

SSH, Telnet, FTP, VNC, you name it! Every server most likely has a match in PowerPack.

Keep your PC safe

You choose your security level and PowerPack configures your system accordingly. There's a built-in firewall which can easily be setup from the Mandriva Linux control center. The journaling filesystems (ext3 and reiser) provide you with additional protection for your data.

PowerPack is not just a network client. It's also great for Office, Multimedia and Development, as well as a number of advanced uses.

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