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Mandriva Discovery/Lx

The easy-to-use Linux Desktop

Discovery/Lx is the product resulting from convergence between Mandriva and Lycoris technology. With a new look and feel, new theme, new set of icons, and better ergonomics, Discovery/Lx is the ideal product for beginners looking to switch to Linux.

   Order now!

  32-bit and 64-bit version ( 2 x 3 CDs) new 64-bit version!
  Live CD
  A "redesigned" manual: Discovering Mandriva Linux
  25% discount on Silver and above Club membership included in the box!

  1 free month of web-based technical assistance
  1 free month Mandriva club membership - Silver level (switch from standard to Silver level)
  1 free month Mandriva Online subscription

What's new in Discovery/Lx
From Lycoris' technology
  Lycoris icons
  new backgrounds
  new screensavers
  Lycoris color scheme
  Lycoris widgets and window decoration

Other change specific to Discovery/Lx
  Mozilla Firefox as default web browser

Direct Access
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