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Mandriva PowerPack+

The Linux solution for Desktop & Servers

PowerPack+ combines the power of PowerPack and a comprehensive set of world-class server applications. Thanks to easy-to-use installation and configuration wizards, PowerPack+ is the ideal product for Small Office / Home Office users.

   Order now!

  32-bit and 64-bit version (2 DVDs): 64-bit version is now included!
  2 manuals: Starter Guide (300 pages) and Server Administration Guide (300 pages)
  7 CDs with 2 specifically for installing servers
  25% discount on Silver and above Club membership included in the box!

  1 free month of web-based technical assistance
  1 free month Mandriva club membership - Gold level (switch from Silver to Gold level)
  3 free months Mandriva Online subscription

What is new in PowerPack+?
From Conectiva's technology
  High availability servers: Heartbeat and drbd.
  Webmin usability improvements
Other improvements
  Kolab2: groupware solution with the client Kontact

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