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Mandriva PowerPack

The full featured Linux desktop

PowerPack is the product resulting from convergence between Mandriva and Conectiva technology. It is a full-featured desktop including everything for office, internet, multimedia and software development. PowerPack is the ideal product for power users.

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  32-bit and 64-bit version ( 2 DVDs): 64-bit version is now included!
  2 manuals: Starter Guide (300 pages) and Reference manual (300 pages)
EXCLUSIVE INTERNATIONAL POWERPACK: PDF manual in German, Spanish and Italian!
  25% discount on Silver and above Club membership included in the box!

  1 free month of web-based technical assistance
  1 free month Mandriva club membership - Silver level (switch from standard to silver level)
  1 free month Mandriva Online subscription

What is new in PowerPack?
From Conectiva's technology
Other innovations specific to PowerPack
  Low resources setup: this means that Mandriva automatically assesses available hardware resources and will install software that meets your hardware configuration. For instance, IceWM may be installed instead of KDE if you don't have enough memory.
  Xen support : Xen is a virtualization technology.

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