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Mandriva 9.2 for AMD64

Mandriva Linux 9.2 for AMD64 combines the strenghts of the 9.2 distribution and the latest technology from AMD AthlonTM64 and AMD OpteronTM processors. This innovation makes Mandriva Linux simple, fast, userfriendly, reliable, powerful, flexible and much more efficient. AMD64 technology allows a more efficient memory access and doubles the number and the size of processor registers. Furthermore, Mandriva Linux 9.2 for AMD64 allows a perfect compatibility with all 32-bit applications.

*   Mandriva 9.2 for AMD64 benefits

Mandriva Linux 9.2 for AMD64 meets the needs of advanced users. More than a simple system only dedicated to of fice, multimedia and the Internet, it offers sophisticated tools such as personal server capabilities and deve lopment tools. It also suits perfectly data intensive applications.

Speed and High-Performance: Mandriva Linux 9.2 for AMD64 has been optimized to fully support AMD 64-bit architecture. It is on the average 20% faster than a traditionnal 32-bit system.

Compatibility: The system is fully compatible with all 32-bit applications. For instance, the demo version of CrossOver®Office works perfectly and enables the use of Microsoft® Windows® applications.

Simple: The system is easy to install and administer thanks to the automatic installation and all Mandriva Linux tools easy to use.

User-Friendly: The Mandriva Linux environment is even more user-friendly with the latest versions of the popular graphical interfaces KDE and GNOME.

Stability: Mandriva Linux 9.2 for AMD64 follows the Open Source Model and guarantees a perfect stability of the operating system.

Security: Security is provided by software developed by Mandriva such as DrakSec (Security System Management), a powerful firewall and VPN support.

Powerful and Complete: Mandriva Linux 9.2 includes support for USB2, Wi-Fi and the leading web server, Apache 2. URPMI, an exclusive Mandriva tool, optimizes and simplifies the management of applications.

*   All features:

All Mandriva 9.2 for AMD64 features are available in the following document (PDF, 50 KB). An overview of Mandriva Linux 9.2 general features is also available at this location.

*   Product content:

  • 4 CDs

*   Availability:

Mandriva 9.2 for AMD64 is available at Mandriva

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